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  • Businesses are swiftly going online to keep up with latest business trends and earn maximum profit. SEO plays a crucial role in this, so it is better to stay updated with latest SEO trends to get the most out of this practice. In this article you will learn about some latest SEO trends which you can expect in year 2019. So let’s get started!

    Understand your audience and user intent

    This is one of the most important aspect for a successful SEO outcome. You must know whether your audience prefer images, texts, videos or audios. According to experts, knowing this factor is much important than ever in 2019.

    According to Mindy Weinstein, CEO of Market Mindshift, “you need to understand what users are expecting to find when they query a word and you need to provide them answer in simplest possible way.”

    Go beyond Google search

    This year, you must work on other search engines as well apart from Google. Make sure Google is not your core focus in order to succeed in the online world.

    As per Cindy Krum, CEO of MobileMoxie, SEO is about showing up wherever and however people are searching – not just getting the first blue link on Google. If your potential customers are searching for apps, you should be able to rank in app stores. Hence, you must work in a multifaceted way.

    Structured data markup is the key

    Use structured data in a meaningful way whenever possible, said Marcus Tandler, co-founder and Managing Director of Ryte. He also added, “with AI becoming increasingly crucial for Google structured data, markup is becoming even more important.”

    Create outstanding content

    Content has always been the king and it will continue to be in a pivotal position. High quality content not only attract customers but also retain them.

    The Google updates in 2018 has already intensified the focus on content quality and at the breadth and length of website’s content, said Eric Enge, General Manager of Perficient Digital.

    Invest in technical SEO

    Websites are growing in complexity and this trend will continue in 2019. It is essential to invest in technical SEO this year to grow beyond measurement. There are some core areas which need special attention and some of them are speed, JavaScript and progressive web apps.

    Go for On-page optimization

    On-page optimization was and continue to be important in 2019, said Tony Wright, CEO and founder of WrightIMC. He also said that we are still seeing outstanding results from nothing more than On-page SEO tactics for many companies. This shows the importance of On-page optimization.

    Go for voice search

    Voice search is becoming increasingly popular these days, and companies must focus on it to get the maximum results. According to Michael Bonfils, managing director of SEM International, voice search is a game changer for multilingual and multinational websites.


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