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Why CRO is important for your website?

A quick demonstration

If you have a decent number of visitors on your website, but they are not converting into customers (leads, sales or registration) in the right proportion, you need Conversion Rate Optimisation services. CRO is a highly specialised job that gives you higher return on investment (ROI) from your current advertising spent.

At Brandconn, we help you find the answers to questions like why your visitors might be turning away, why there are more shopping carts abandoned, etc. Once the problems are identified, we help you fix them.

Visitors + Click + Convert = Profit

The table in the RHS demonstrates how the ROI can be greater on the same marketing spent using higher conversion rates.

Let’s assume a website is attracting 4,000 visitors with an advertising spent of $1,000. With just a mere improvement in the conversion rate, the ROI can be increased drastically.

visitors click convert profit

How do we do it?

We use insights to define actions

Website Conversion Analysis

Our Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) experts are proficient at identifying potential barriers as well as the desired user actions on your website or landing pages.

Our team reviews statistical data, current conversion ratio, website usability issues, copy and call to action problems. Based on the analysis, we provide practical recommendations to our clients for further implementation.

website conversion analysis

executes CRO campaigns

Experimentation and Execution

Our team experiments around our clients’ websites and/or landing pages and executes the CRO campaigns. The main services include:

  • A/B split testing, planning and execution
  • Landing page research, design and optimisation
  • Heat maps and click stream analysis
  • Multivariate conversion elements design and testing
  • Usability planning and on page issues resolution

Performance Analysis & Reporting

We measure the performance of each experiment and action taken on the website to identify what worked and what didn’t work.

Based on the winning experiments, we use the data to further fuel your conversion rate optimisation strategy . Our reports give insight about the improvement in your ROI through conversion rate optimisation.

performance analysis reporting


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