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Building a positive outlook for any brand is extremely challenging when world media like Forbes and Wall Street Journals (WSJ) are publishing negative comments. We are proud to have won the situation for one of our clients.

Our client is one of the largest gold refineries in the world. For some clients managing reputation is a confidential matter, and hence, we are unable to disclose the brand name on an open platform. However, if you choose to contact us, we will be glad to provide you more information and suitable references.

gold refinery

The Challenge

Our client, one of the largest refineries in the world, was suffering from negative stories covered by world media such as Forbes, and Wall Street, among others. Since the negative publicity was on leading media portals with millions of daily visitors, it was ranking significantly high in Google searches.

As the client is a large corporation, the stories were going viral and impacting the brand reputation of the client. Our challenge was to defend our client’s reputation on Google and other search engines.


The Solution

We took the challenge and devised a reputation management strategy. Our strategy was based around drawing a bigger line to make other look smaller. We knew that it is not possible to stop people reading and commenting on these stories on the respective media portals.

We, therefore, ensured that these stories are rather not served to the people through the search engines and put them down the 2nd and 3rd pages on Google. We also filled the first page of search results with positive stories about the brand and, thus, reduced the damage of reputation by approximately 80%. It also had a retrospective effect on negative stories as the readership and commenting went down.


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