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Holostik India Ltd. is a leader in the manufacturing and export of Security Holograms. It currently enjoys more than 50% of the total market share of Security Holograms. The company designs products as per the international standards, popularizing holograms in the Indian market. Holostik is the first company to introduce Holograms in India.


Brand Protection

The Challenge:

As a number #1 hologram manufacturer in India, client was sensitive towards its brand positioning in various search engines. Holistik was the first company to introduce holograms in India and wanted to retain the first position in Google organic and paid searches both to reflect their brand leadership.

The challenge was not to be just #1 in searches but also maintaining the quality scores and deliver first position in Google sponsored results at a lower cost.


The Solution

We created an integrated social and search strategy. The search marketing strategy was based around the local SEO, national SEO and SEO for select international markets. We conducted market research and targeted SEO promotion specific to those markets that mattered most for the business.

Taking a futuristic view of anticipated Google updates, we redesigned the website to a full mobile friendly version to improve search experiences in hand held devices.

We also improved the quality score of the landing pages to reduce the pay per click cost for Google AdWords. In the given budget, our PPC management team managed to maintain the leading position in Google paid advertisement.


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