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Keller Williams operates on the premise that if the company focuses all its resources on building its agents’ businesses, the agents in turn will build the company beyond all expectations.

Keeping that in mind, Helena Friedman, founder of NestSale, an authorized Keller Williams agent focuses on developing her business using the ongoing uplift in online marketing. Based in Livingston, New Jersey, USA, she brings to her clients a level of service guaranteed to exceed their expectations. With the advantage of being a local resident in the area of business, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise about buying and selling real estate in Livingston and nearby areas.

Keller Williams

The Challenge

NestSale being a new entrant in the online real estate industry posed a challenging but interesting task for our team. The biggest challenge of all was that real estate is a very competitive industry with many agents operating in the same space. Thus, promoting a particular agent in the area becomes difficult. It was also required that the core project team understood the real estate business in the USA and most importantly understood the relationship and operating process of Keller Williams and its authorized agents. The team was also expected to familiarize themselves with the marketing and advertising rules and regulations along with its limitations if they were to excel in digitally promoting the client.

customer centric

Build a brand that is customer centric and helpful

increase brand

To increase brand awareness online


Reach new potential customers in the New Jersey area


How We Helped

Due to our prior experience of working with Keller Williams’ and Weichert’s real estate agents, we exactly knew what will work and what will not. This helped us in framing a Community/ Regional specific digital marketing strategy for the client. Our digital marketing strategy focused on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Development.

  • As a part of the SEO process our first initiative was to study and understand the client’s website and requirements by conducting thorough competitor analysis, market research and keyword research. This helped us in identifying relevant keywords on Google. Once the keywords were finalized we decided to consult the client by suggesting relevant changes and upgradations to the website such as font style and size, integration of blog posts and getting rid or replacing of bad links. On-page strategy for optimization of all web pages on the website was launched and an aggressive off-page strategy was aligned to complement the on-page strategy.
  • Being a new entrant, NestSale had no digital presence on social media sites. Hence, we started with creating the social properties for NestSale on various sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. We entered information and decided on frequency of posts which enabled people to find the company on maps for check-ins and navigation. With the help of real estate listings, we started posting graphics of various houses for sale and rent. Later we decided on running the “Best of the Week” campaign which would feature one of the best rooms in the any house for that week. This helped us in creating social media channels which were synchronized and regularly updated.
  • With such content and frequency of posts it was the need of the hour to invest in social media advertising and therefore we decided to set an advertising budget for the client to increase brand presence, likes and followers.

The Results

The Results

  • Due to our marketing efforts, the client was able to substantially improve on its monthly marketing report to Keller Williams.
  • The social media content and graphics, along with high quality on-page blogs were able to enhance brands online presence and engage more users on a regular basis.
  • SEO achieved improved and higher rankings on regional industry specific keywords on Google.

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