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    8 out of 10 home buyers search for their new homes on the internet first.
    The internet has become the powerhouse of information for real estate transaction makers.

    Needless to mention that today, a real estate agent needs to realise the strength of digital marketing more than ever. Gone are the days when just offline marketing could help realtors to grow their business. The e-age needs extra efforts. And, that’s what digital marketing does excellently. Marketing properties on the web can help realtors like you to turn them into opportunities and then increased revenue by finding the right clients.

    By going digital, you can market your real estate development company using advanced techniques, bringing in more visitors to your website, transforming them into leads with excellent content, and then ultimately converting them to your customers be it for selling a home, renting it or buying a property.

    Closing real estate transactions through digital marketing – What are the obstacles involved?

    As a real estate company or agent, you have unique challenges to face. From gaining the credibility factor, to creating such a reputation that real estate clients seek your opinion and advice, there is a long road to cover. Bridging the gap between you and your target audience is one step to reach that goal, and expressing your knowledge is another.

    Real estate agents, no matter how good are their communication skills, sometimes find it difficult to manage their presence on the web. They require to the point marketing which only digital marketing experts can bring to the table.

    Virtual world complementing the real (estate) one

    Realtors that adopt effective real estate digital marketing services decide to pass the obstacles, and carve a niche in the market. For them, creating a significant presence on the web matters more than the traditional ways of marketing, and why not? After all, it yields better results, while giving you a quick reach to a vast audience base.

    A good digital marketing strategy for real estate agents is based on:

    Expert site creation and management – Having an informative website that enlists your services in a crisp and comprehensible manner is nothing less than a boon. It straightaway differentiates your business from your competition. When you have a website that draws the attention of your audience, the next step involves managing it. Updating regular content that informs the real estate transaction makers to make the most out of their deals and to get more bang for their buck is necessary. Expert site management needs continuous efforts and great knowledge about the real estate world, which can be seldom found amongst digital marketers.

    Getting listed on Google My Business – The real estate market may seem to be a large one, but often the most important entities are the ones that are closer to you. You need to be closer to the local prospects and this is what Google My Business helps you to do. When people in your serviced area search for a realtor, Google My Business lets them find your name in Google Maps and Google Search in your local community.

    Pay Per Click Advertising – Another great way to reach out to your prospects is paid advertising. Determine a budget you can afford and display advertisements on any platform that deems fit to you – be it Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads or Display Advertising.

    Social Media Marketing – Generate leads online becomes easier when you have an effective presence on networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These platforms not only enable you to connect with others in the community, but also help you attract your target audience and achieve an ROI which is much, much, better than offline media. With a well-managed social media network, you can impressively reduce the response time of connecting with the customers and maintain a continuous dialogue with the existing customers to keep them interested in the real estate market.

    Award-Winning Digital Marketing Services For Your Real Estate Business

    Brandconn is one of the leading names in the real estate digital marketing industry. With years of experience of devising and implementing successful digital marketing strategies for real estate businesses worldwide, we know how to make real estate and digital world work together for results that are worthy of being envied.

    We do so with our lead-generation oriented approach that involves:

    • Conducting a website audit
    • Giving a responsive framework to your existing website or creating a new one
    • Making your website a useful resource for all things real estate
    • Creating Google Map and social media pages for your business and embedding them to the website
    • Diversified digital marketing efforts
    • Organic link creation
    • Content optimisation
    • Keyword targeting
    • Tracking key metrics and tweaking them when required
    • Marketing advice and lead intelligence

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