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    Businesses need software applications to work efficiently. But, did you ever think that software applications need the right marketing strategy to be popular online?

    With so many business software available at present, how can one make sure that their brand gets the recognition it deserves in the online world? Through the right digital marketing tactics!

    The IT industry is ever-evolving and you might not see it but your rival can dive in and take your customers far, far away from your business. This is where digital marketing plays a crucial role – it makes sure that your business gets a continuous batch of new customers.

    Software, software, everywhere, not enough skills to market

    People create technology, and it changes the world. It is said to be the great growling engine of change. However, the change that it brings to the world won’t be recognised if the efforts of technology makers are not marketed well. This, in itself, is a complicated task.

    There are thousands of software companies out there, and most of them have a digital presence to be envied. So, how easy do you think it is to compete with companies of all sizes and gain prominence in the search results on the leading search engines like Google?

    It is extremely difficult.

    Without an effective digital marketing strategy, you stand little to no chance of building a great brand online and winning more customers.

    Conveying the intricacies of your products and services to the world, and fighting for a spot amidst a market swamped by advanced technologies isn’t an easy game for sure. In order to come into the limelight, you will need a strategy that takes your brand in front of your target customers, and do so brilliantly.

    What do you require to market your brand?

    Bringing life back to your brand's online presence, or even instilling life in your brand in the first place, requires dedicated efforts and relevant knowledge about two spheres – the IT industry and the digital marketing industry.

    You will need a multi-platform approach developed by professionals who know the IT industry as well as the digital world through and through.

    At Brandconn, we help software companies get in touch with their target customers by optimising their online experience entirely. From defining the strategy and giving you a great website, to conducting online optimisation with SEO, we know what your software business needs to get going.

    Converting software applications into magic wands

    There is a lot that can be achieved with the help of a good software application. Let the marketing professionals at Brandconn help you tell the story of how your software can help businesses achieve what they aim for.

    We help you do so with:

    Defining a digital marketing strategy for your IT company

    Who is your target audience? Why do you want to reach them and what is the message that you want to convey? This is something you need to understand before you follow the digital marketing bandwagon. Brandconn’s marketers help you do so by understanding your buyer, what do they want from your business and how can you convert your products/services into stories that they can relate to.

    Responsive Website Design

    With a team of highly skilled web designers, we provide you a great website that works perfectly on different platforms. A responsive website will help you be found on the internet when your prospects search for solutions you provide and when they are baffled by hundreds of competitors that you have in the industry. Not only on-page, but we also build off-page website pages and place them with powerful content to get you qualified visitors.

    Social Media Marketing

    Creating a Facebook or Twitter page, isn’t a tough nut to crack – mastering it is! This is where we come in. Our social media marketers will represent your brand on these platforms and help you connect with your customers in a way that make them fall for your brand.

    Search Engine Optimisation

    Having a great website and a good social media strategy in place isn’t all that a software business needs. Your brand needs a steady and relevant SEO strategy that yields the right results in the long run. With consistent keyword research and an effective content marketing strategy, we help your website to get those coveted rankings on the leading search engines.

    Performance Analysis

    What’s the point of going in a direction, when you can’t find out whether you are heading towards the right destination or not? At Brandconn, we have a team of analytics experts who will help you understand whether the marketing efforts are going in the direction you want, or if some tweaking is desired. With years of experience in their bucket, they regularly track and measure the key performance indicators for your marketing campaigns in a real-time mechanism. So, when you deal with us, you get to check the results of the investment you make in digital marketing.

    Let’s work together

    Leave us a message and we will contact you shortly to discuss the right digital marketing strategy for your business.

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