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    Gone is the era of yellow pages in hard copies – today, people search for stores on the web. If you sell high end home or office furniture, then it is important to make the most of this era, which rests on the internet.

    People perform searches on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, which then direct them to the stores that have great rankings and reviews. Now, check this for yourself – when a person searches Google for home furniture in your area, then where do you come up in the rankings?

    Probably not in the first few pages or the top 10 listings.

    This is where having a well-devised SEO campaign becomes necessary as it helps you to reach the top listed search results and improve your brand’s visibility online.

    The Internet, You and Competition

    As with several other industries, seeking consumer recognition and creating brand awareness online is not an easy nut to crack. The soaring competition in the field of furniture manufacturing and sales has made it difficult to bring in more customers without having effective and strategically designed online marketing tactics in place.

    With the help of SEO, you can be on top of the race and compete with the industry leaders without any difficulty. No matter whether you are a small-scale furniture store, a high end online store or one of the largest names in the furniture world, there is a lot that SEO can help you achieve.

    What does SEO offer?

    SEO for furniture stores entails some highly sort-after tactics like organic search, paid search, on-page optimisation, link building, local SEO, etc. The bottom line remains the same – improving keyword connection with the different search engines. Content plays a key role in doing so. Optimising content and sharing relevant stories that connect with the needs and interests of the target audience is important. And, SEO takes care of that.

    Focused efforts help in improving a website’s page rank, offering more to the furniture store than otherwise could be achieved with the traditional modes of marketing.

    Brandconn’s SEO Services for Online Furniture Stores

    Brandconn clearly understands that SEO for furniture stores is far more complex than just finding search terms, or writing content on different topics. These are just a few components of a highly complex stream of techniques, and the right results require a lot more than what you can even imagine. It requires continuous innovation and a strategy that helps in surpassing the rivals and creating a space for you in the online world – a space that is envied by many. We are a leading SEO Outsourcing Company in India providing these services with proven track record.

    In this endeavour of ours, we take many steps, some of which are:

    • Conducting website analytics to find important keywords
    • Integrating selected keywords into your website source code and content
    • Providing the right dynamically generated URL structure
    • Including image ALT tags into the site
    • Placing strategic search phrases on pages
    • Using geo keywords in place of generic ones for better targeting
    • Creating individual landing pages for products
    • Image optimization for Google Images
    • Integrating long tail keywords in the content to convert visitors into customers
    • Developing sitemaps for Google and Yahoo
    • Generating positive online reviews
    • Using semantic search modeling to give your website the right structure
    • Creating thought leadership position in home and/or office furniture
    • Engaging customers through multimedia content
    • Designing an internal deep linking structure
    • Designing an internal deep linking structure

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