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    What would this world be without medicines? We need them so often that imaging a world without the medical field seems to be impossible.

    If we talk about the survival of the fittest, then medicines actually let us do so, by keeping us fit.But, have you ever realised that, for a pharmaceutical company, there is a wide market still waiting to be tapped? There is still a huge segment of the world which requires easy access to medicines?

    Millions of doctors and healthcare professionals are located in different parts of the world, which opens several avenues for the pharmaceutical industry. However, not every company understands this. But then, those who do, excel.

    As you and your competitors continually work to create drugs that heal and cure, it’s extremely important to let the world know about your efforts, and this can be done with the help of a successful internet marketing campaign.

    Why pharmaceutical companies have failed to leverage the online world?

    The pharmaceutical industry has its fair share of challenges to face. From getting approvals from healthcare authorities and adhering to the regulatory restrictions, to investing constantly on Research & Development, there is a lot that a typical pharmaceutical company has to do.

    No matter what are the restrictions that hold these companies back from making the most of the digital world, the bottom line is – they need to improve.

    Improvement to be found online by the prospects, improvement to engage and connect with existing customers, and improvement to expand the business – the pharmaceutical companies need all these improvements. Search engine optimisation can help these companies to make the much-needed improvements and when their customers or prospects search online for the offerings that they provide, the right SEO tactics can help the companies to rank well on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

    What SEO can do for pharmaceutical companies?

    Without a strong SEO strategy, your pharmaceutical website will be lost in the shuffle. Putting in the right efforts can help to:

    Gain access to a wider market

    Pharmaceutical SEO brings out the right search engine optimisation techniques that can help companies to improve their visibility on the leading search engines. SEO experts work to align a pharmaceutical company’s objectives with the guidelines provided by the major search engines like Google, and utilise their experiences, skills, and expertise to give these companies better rankings on SERPs.

    Cover the journey from visitors to customers

    Getting a good amount of traffic isn’t the only think. Traffic wont serve any purpose if the visitors don’t get converted into customers. This is where a good SEO strategy helps pharmaceutical and contract manufacturing companies. If your visitors aren’t really purchasing from your website, then performing a comprehensive conversion optimisation analysis is important.

    Understanding what’s going wrong within your conversion funnel and giving the right suggestions to improve the conversion rate is something that only highly skilled and experienced SEO specialists can do.

    Leverage authority sites

    If you have great knowledge about the pharmaceutical industry, then why not share it with others? SEO for pharmaceutical companies helps linking media mentions on authority sites with your website – giving you link juice that is extremely important to gain a reputable position in the industry.

    Think of the larger benefit

    Selling new and improved medications is not only a means of earning more revenue, it is a means to benefit the world at large. As new medicines are created, consumers need to know about them. With the help of an SEO strategy, you help people learn about the advancements made in the field so that they can take advantage of them.

    Brandconn’s take on SEO for pharmaceutical industry

    At Brandconn, we truly understand the importance that a strong SEO strategy holds for any pharmaceutical company. We have worked with several companies in the pharmaceutical industry and are proud of the fact that we have helped them reach their goals by making the most of our search engine experience and pharmaceutical knowledge.

    Our SEO services to pharmaceutical companies include:

    • Including text based assets on all pages of a pharmaceutical website so that search engines can find the content easily
    • Utilising complementary SEO strategies that have the power of both paid and organic search
    • Adding content-specific titles and meta descriptions on every page
    • Adding metadata to content approval process
    • Building highly targeted website pages to share knowledge about popular search queries
    • Applying regulated metadata to sensitive content pages like product indications
    • Keyword research and inclusion of keywords that indicate interest in treatments, symptoms of medical conditions, cost of treatments, side-effects, etc.
    • Optimising URLs using industry specific terms and phrases/li>
    • Creating sitemaps for easy navigation and keeping them up to date
    • Creating multiple paths to key content
    • Creating microsites within a sub-folder of the corporate domain

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