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    If you are not transforming your website into a search engine savvy site, plan to be out of sight!

    Well, that’s not what we say! That’s what the digital marketing experts are saying.

    IT companies and software companies often feel there is no need for them to market online, but the reality states otherwise. Over the years, various software companies have adopted SEO – the medium that initially doesn’t seem ideal to their vertical, and have stepped the ladder of success quite quickly.

    You may be one of those companies who still don’t value search engines enough to bring you customers, but trust us, you will have to do so – sooner than ever expected. This is because SEO not only helps your software business to come at the first few results on search engines, but also helps to find the connections you require to expand more – be it in the form of prospective customers, or investors.

    Giving credibility to functionality

    What would an excellent software do, if its prospective users are unaware of its creation? While functionality is something that you provide through a software, credibility and trust in your brand comes from a good presence on the web. This is what SEO for software companies helps you achieve.

    Your website’s performance is subjective. Your visitors look at it through human eyes. They seek knowledge. However, search engines see it through algorithmic eyes. They seek authenticity. Being a software development company, you may not be aware of the ins-and-outs of the search engines guidelines. This is why hiring experts who know SEO and software industry well, is important.

    How SEO helps software businesses?

    For successful brand creation on the internet, you require: a team, an idea, a product and an SEO strategy – all in unison. It is all of them, and more importantly, the way they are brought together to form a great brand, that matters. Outsource SEO services to us and we will take care of the rest.

    Access to the internet has changed the way software companies used to do business earlier. A quick online search by their users can bring them in front of them, provided the right SEO strategy is implemented.

    SEO helps software companies in more than one ways, Some of them are

    Understanding search engines – Search engines like Google have algorithms that are difficult to understand if you don’t really have good knowledge about the digital marketing world. The importance that search engines assign to ‘relevant’ content is something that only a search engine master can help you figure out. With SEO services, you can rest assured that your website’s content is in safe hands, ultimately leading you to better search rankings.

    Making the right choice of keywords – Your customers may or may not be aware of the technicalities involved in the software industry. Hence, their choice of terms when they make a search query differs than what you may use to search a specific software product or service online. SEO specialists can target words that are highly searched and have low competition.

    Linking back to your site – There are many authority sites, technology partners, associations and media portals that can link back to your website. Choosing a trusted SEO company who realises the power of inbound links can help you leverage the high Page Rank of these sites and give an easy access to their already established audience base.

    Brandconn’s SEO Services for Software Companies

    At Brandconn, we believe that in a world that has been highly influenced by the web, where people rely heavily on the leading search engines like Google to get real time information about any and every thing, it’s essential for software and IT companies to embrace SEO.

    Those who don’t will lag far behind than those who do. And, we don’t really want your software company to be the former one. The SEO services that we offer to software companies include:

    • Including text based assets on all pages of a pharmaceutical website so that search engines can find the content easily
    • Utilising complementary SEO strategies that have the power of both paid and organic search
    • Adding content-specific titles and meta descriptions on every page
    • Adding metadata to content approval process
    • Building highly targeted website pages to share knowledge about popular search queries
    • Applying regulated metadata to sensitive content pages like product indications
    • Keyword research and inclusion of keywords that indicate interest in treatments, symptoms of medical conditions, cost of treatments, side-effects, etc.
    • Optimising URLs using industry specific terms and phrases/li>
    • Creating sitemaps for easy navigation and keeping them up to date
    • Creating multiple paths to key content
    • Creating microsites within a sub-folder of the corporate domain

    Let’s work together

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