Social media marketing

connecting the dots between you and your customers

There is a fundamental shift in the marketing paradigm from institutional control, to consumer control. Consumers no longer just believe in what brands are saying about themselves. They are highly likely to believe on what others are saying about your brand.

Social media is influencing the buying decision in a big way. Love it or hate it, but as a brand you simply can’t ignore it. Our fully managed social media marketing services are designed to give your brand a competitive edge in today’s socially connected world.

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Our social media marketing team has deep understanding of how social world operates. We create and manage your social media presence across various social channels according to the need of the social channel for your business vertical.

Our social media marketing team creates a social media marketing strategy for your business that is based on the right content, engaging conversations, participative listening and, most importantly, human connections. We aim to improve brand awareness, influence purchasing decision, better customer services based on customer feedback and better your marketing by sentiments analysis.

“At Brandconn Digital , we believe that there is no marketing B2B or B2C. It is all H2H (Human to Human). “ – The Great Social Media Company

Our SMO Services

helping you influence the buying decisions

One stop Solution

From organic communities to paid campaigns

Community Building & Management

We create and manage your brand on various social media platforms viz Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google +, among others.

We craft social media marketing strategy for your brand that is based on your market niche and around your business objectives. Let us connect the dots between you and your customers.

Community building management

contest campaigns event

Contests, Campaigns & Events

Gather mass momentum with thoughtfully designed social media campaigns, Facebook contests, LinkedIn campaigns, Twitter contests, etc.

Whether you want to promote a musical event, or run a baby show contest, or even a travelogue contest, our team will create integrated social media campaigns that will help your brand engage with your target market easily.

Influencers Outreach

We have established a network of influencers, bloggers and high quality digital publications. Your brand can take advantage of the vast audiences these influencers have on their blogs, social media followers, etc.

We help you create a buzz around your brand, product or services through social amplification, sponsored editorials, etc.

influencers outreach

paid campaigns management

Paid (Pay Per Click) Campaigns

Take the advantage of powerful paid advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to deliver instant business results.

We can help you create and manage paid advertising also known as Pay Per Click or PPC campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Rely on us, and our team will provide you a complete report on your Return on Investment.

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