It’s not a news that the traditional brick and mortar stores are being replaced by online stores, and for the better.

    At the present time, customers can easily buy any product or service on the web, without having to visit different stores in search of the right offerings. But when there are millions of eCommerce sites on the internet, how do you make sure that your WooCommerce site ranks well on search engines – surpassing all the others in your field?

    Well, this is where SEO helps. If you really want to beat that cut-throat competition that the online world has exposed retailers to, then you need to be more than just any ordinary store. Ensuring that your site not only appeals to the target audience but is also accessible to them calls for dedicated SEO efforts – something that you, as a retailer, may not be able to focus on.

    Leverage the awesomeness of WooCommerce

    If you want to build a great online store, WooCommerce can be a great choice to make. But, wait, is that all you need to have an incredible presence on the World Wide Web? Definitely not.

    While WooCommerce enjoys great compatibility with WordPress, there are many stores that work with WooCommerce to get more customers in the long run. This shopping cart plugin for WordPress delivers exceptional SEO support and offers an extensive range of add-ons for businesses.

    But the problem lies in connecting with the masses. If your store will not be accessible to the audience, then ultimately it is the sales and your brand performance that will struggle. This is why you need to have the assistance of a renowned WooCommerce SEO expert company that helps you integrate WooCommerce into your site and builds a synchronised website architecture that search engines fall in love with. In order to perform well in SERPs, you need expert advice and skills, which only Woocommerce SEO experts can offer.

    Why to get WooCommerce SEO expert services?

    Because the experts know it all! What could take you years to reach that top rank in your industry online, may be achieved in months with the help of WooCommerce SEO experts. A company that takes care of your specific needs will bring you a website that is absolutely customised and which makes shopping from your site a seamless experience for the customers.

    So, why to wait? Just make the most of SEO for WooCommerce site.

    Let your customers shop more

    The team at Brandconn understands that importance of having a great online store that functions well and which is easily searchable. Our WooCommerce SEO services are based on the technical knowledge that our WooCommerce SEO experts possess – delivering a comprehensive online search marketing solution to you.

    Some of these services include:

    • WooCommerce SEO audit including technical setup, content, module implementation, feeds, and the rest
    • Successfully integrating your store with WooCommerce
    • External SEO activities including content marketing and quality link building
    • Adding and/or modifying product pages
    • Optimisation of the cart and checkout process
    • Keyword research and analysis
    • Managing code level SEO elements comprising of structured data, rel canonicals, redirects, and much more
    • Creation of relevant Meta and HTML tags
    • Optimising site text including landing pages, home page, service pages, information pages, contact page, etc.
    • Making use of digital PR/outreach
    • Optimisation of the abandoned cart process
    • Developing sub domains
    • User navigation improvements for optimum conversion
    • Control flow optimisation & site navigation

    Let’s work together

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