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    Currently powering more than 200,000 online stores, Shopify is the go-to platform for all those who are looking for an eCommerce framework.

    Over the years, the technology has helped small business and big brands to process sales worth billions of dollars.

    So, if you have got a Shopify website, then the next thing you really need to do is to give it the visibility it needs and put it in front of millions of online shoppers. This is what Shopify SEO services can help you achieve.

    From clicks to dollars

    Covering that journey from clicks to dollars isn’t easy when it comes to having a Shopify eCommerce store. You need the right knowledge of the online marketing world, as well as through understanding of the way Shopify works.

    Finding those areas of technical and content improvement on your Shopify store is the job of specialists. So, if you thought you can manage your store well and help it get to the top ranks on leading search engines like Google, then think again! While you can’t just build an eCommerce site and wait for your audience to find it, likewise, you can’t reap the benefits of such a site by handling everything on your own – without the right knowledge about the world of SEO – which in itself is a huge one.

    Why do you need SEO for Shopify site?

    You must have heard that SEO helps in driving more traffic to a site. So, when it comes to SEO for Shopify – the purpose gets even greater – to drive more traffic to your site and to convert the visitors into customers. Optimising your store rightly is the key here. When industry experts work on your store, they work in such a way that finding your site becomes easier and looking for the right products and services becomes much easier.

    From analysing your competitors’ websites and ensuring that your website becomes much better than theirs in the long run – there is a lot that Shopify SEO experts can offer.

    Why choose Brandconn for Shopify SEO?

    As a Shopify SEO company, Brandconn has helped several eCommerce stores to excel in the online world. Our team of digital marketing professionals who are well versed with eCommerce platforms like Shopify – know how to help a store rank well on the web and bring in more customers.

    Some of the Shopify SEO services that we offer include:

    • Including relevant and searchable Meta Descriptions
    • Writing unique and knowledgeable content for the search engines to properly index the pages
    • Using analytics to see which keywords are converting the highest
    • Testing meta titles and descriptions to increase click-throughs
    • Conducting a site usability test
    • Assessing competitors’ backlinks
    • Creating a link building strategy
    • Changing 302 redirects to 301 redirects
    • Implementing successful influencer marketing strategies
    • Adding microdata for rich snippets
    • Selecting and using the right title tags for each and every page of the store
    • Performing image back linking
    • Evaluating the site architecture of competing sites and planning the right one for your site
    • Posting in niche wise forums
    • Redirecting 404 pages to actual content

    Let’s work together

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