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Case Studies

Sutherland House Books

Business Objective:

Sutherland House Books aimed to disrupt the traditional publishing industry by offering a modern and innovative platform for authors and publishers. The primary obj...


Ken Whyte
Sutherland house books - Logo

Digital Menu Club

Business Objective:

Digital Menu Club aimed to revolutionize the traditional dining experience by introducing a seamless and contactless menu solution for restaurants, hotels, and othe...


Digital Menu Club
Digital menu - Logo
Student Lettings - Home Page


Students Lets UK is a leading provider of students accommodations, houses and apartments in the UK. With many years of working through various offline marketing techniques, we led the digital t...


Despo, Marketing Manager
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GIS Consortium - Home Page

GIS Consortium

GIS Consortium is one of the Top 10 GIS Companies in India. We used the power of data, technology and marketing to build a digital strategy that helped them capitalise the partnership opportuni...


GIS Consortium
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