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Google Ads Management Service

Get More Bang For your Buck

Pay Per Click Advertising is the most powerful and transparent method available in all forms of digital marketing and advertising. We can help you target the right audience, at the right time and right cost.

We have a team of Google Ads certified professionals who create and manage Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns for your business. You get regular reports on how your PPC campaigns are performing and what is the return on your investment (ROI).if you are already running a Google Ads campaign but would like to increase the conversion ratio or get insights of the non-performing assets, get in touch with us today.

Why Choose Us For Your Google AdWords Campaign Management

Our team understands the importance of having a great Google advertising strategy and invest a good amount of time in analyzing your business and industry and most importantly, the traffic that you want to target.

We ensure that your Google Ads campaign is properly optimized as per your business’s requirement.

  • Google Certified Professionals
  • A/B Testing
  • Influence Leads and Sales
  • Detailed Monthly reports
Google Analytics
Google Ads

Our Google Ads Management Services

At Brandconn Digital, our biggest asset is our google ads experts who are dedicated towards keeping the promise of delivering the campaign as well as results on time. This includes search advertising, display advertising and several other services.


Paid Search Marketing

With our paid search marketing services, we will design the campaign to easily connect your advertisement with those searching for products and services you offer. Our team of PPC experts ensures that your ads end up earning far better revenue than what you had anticipated from them.


Remarketing and Retargeting

Our remarketing and retargeting services will help you earn more revenue than usual and here. Our Google ads experts will play a very influential role. The PPC experts will develop a result-driven strategy and execute it in optimization with your business’s requirements.


Google Shopping Campaigns

Our services related to Google shopping campaigns are specially designed for e-commerce websites, but can be used by any business having any kind of website. Our Experts bring into use a number of things like detailed product feeds, custom field attributes, high-resolution images, and captivating promotional copy for delivering results.


Conversion Rate Optimization

Other digital marketing agencies often overlook the importance of landing page, but here at Brandconn, we take it seriously. We are always in the testing mode to ensure that the landing page is optimized as per other pages of the site and also the latest Google trends.


Display Advertising

Display ads are a very effective marketing tool and we understand this fact that high quality leads often come from there. Hence, creating attractive and niche-centric display ads is what we keep our focus on so that they immediately start showing results.


Detailed Reporting

Our reporting is another thing that sets us apart from other companies in this niche. We create reports that are easy to understand, transparent, all-inclusive to let you know what are we doing and what are you getting out of our efforts.

Google Ads Services At Work!



What our clients
say about our

Reliable and Trustworthy
I worked with many agencies in India but then I found Brandconn Digital to be most reliable and trustworthy company. They have good processes.
Bruce T. Dugan

CEO, Incognito Worldwide

On-time delivery & Professionalism
“Brandconn has always delivered all jobs on time with great professionalism. We appreciate their involvement with our business success.”
Despo Charalambous

Owner, Global Education CY

Reliable and Committed
“Thank you team Brandconn for everything you have done for us. Your contribution has been instrumental in the growth of our agency.”
Myk Baxter

Director, MBM Marketing Limited

Our Google Ads Process


We kick start a campaign from our end with some in-depth research about your business and objectives behind seeking these services. Campaign’s overall budget is also determined at the same time.

Campaign Strategy

Once relevant research is done, the second step we take involves developing campaign’s strategy, where overall high-level campaign and ad group structure, the prioritization of each campaign and projections are all defined.

Campaign Setup

The campaign’s plan is sent to the client for approval and after getting your “nod”; Google ads experts make a forecast of the results and make necessary alterations to get better results in a faster manner.

Tracking Set Up

Campaign setting up is followed by its continuous tracking to analyze its effectiveness. This is the time when important data and points are tracked or their performance or for the changes they require.

Campaign Management

Our campaign management services are a combination of an analysis of campaign’s performance and tactical adjustments to make it run on the right track. The most commonly adjusted items are bid prices, identification and testing of new keywords.


Our reports are all-inclusive and very easy to understand. We share monthly reports that have data for impressions, clicks, click-through-rate, cost-per-click, media spend, average number of leads per day, conversion rate, etc.

google ads management services India


Why should I use Google Ads? How Can it help my business?

Google ads are a fast and more precise way of directing traffic quickly towards your website and Google says that a well-timed ad can turn people into valuable customers. This is how a Google ad campaign can be extremely helpful for your business.

How Do You Charge For Google AdWords Management?

Charges or the cost of the campaign depends on a number of factors like the duration of the campaign, the budget and also the type of campaign you will opt for from Google ads, Bing ads, Facebook ads and others.

How do I get my ads to rank #1 in Google?

Several strategies can be adopted and one is seeking services from the experts of Google Ads. Then, selection of relevant keywords is another very important strategy, followed by staying more specific to the niche.

Is SEO or Google Ads a better strategy to rank in Google?

Both have their own fan base and each of them can be used in different situations alone and as a combination as well. In any case, they both will help in your goal of pulling more traffic and sales towards the website.

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