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    Take it from one of the most experienced Magento SEO companies around: the right marketing of your Magento store is a must for your survival and success in the World Wide Web.

    The true functionalities of a Magento store can only be realised if it is rightly optimised for search engines like Google and Yahoo.

    With so many incredible features installed in just one software, it becomes extremely important for you to leverage the power of Magento. The intuitive design, the scalability and every other excellent feature of this technology needs the right efforts to be put in, and this includes marketing it online.

    Incalculable growth requires incalculable efforts

    Have you ever wondered how can you realise the incalculable potential growth of Magento, if you are too busy in understanding the nitty-gritties involved in its online marketing? Let’s be honest here – being an eCommerce company, you can either offer excellent products to your customers or look after the intricacies involved in marketing the store – doing both at the same time is just like sailing in two ships – none giving effective results in the end.

    So, it is necessary that you focus on your eCommerce store and hire a renowned Magento SEO company who adopts innovative and well-planned strategies to devise a comprehensive marketing solution for your store.

    After all, you don’t just seek presence in the top search engine results, you need a perfect presence on the web with awareness that makes your brand a much-talked about and much preferred online store – so hiring Magento SEO experts becomes inevitable!

    The benefits of hiring Magento SEO services

    No eCommerce store will mind having a good SEO plan in place that will bring the website into the spotlight and attract more visitors who can later be converted into buyers. But, all this can happen only if excellent strategies are implemented that are focused on the right results.

    From adding canonical URLs, and sitemaps, to sharing powerful content and embedding links – all these steps and a lot more are required to ensure that your Magento store outranks the competitors in the web world.

    Going beyond the usual

    At Brandconn, we go beyond the usual to bring out results that go beyond the usual. With a team of Magento SEO specialists, we have the understanding about the specific psychology behind online sales. The experts here will continue fine-tuning your site unless it delivers you the level of sales you desire.

    Some of the services that we offer when it comes to SEO for Magento site include:

    • Conducting a Magento store tech audit
    • Analysing set of relevant keywords and formulating strategies to get great rankings for both long and short keywords
    • Meta tag implementation along with titles and meta descriptions
    • Building linking campaigns
    • Performing a basic usability audit
    • Working towards link building to help your store get quality back links
    • Conducting regular backlink analysis as well as traffic analysis
    • Performing competition analysis
    • Adhering to Google algorithms
    • Updating website regularly with fresh, relevant and high quality content
    • Linking all pages on the site via text or image links

    Let’s work together

    Leave us a message and we will contact you shortly to discuss the right SEO strategy for your business.

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