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    The world's most widely content management system, WordPress is the perfect choice for those who want to build effective websites, blogs and/or eCommerce sites.

    But, having such a website isn’t of any use, if you are unable to bring it to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). Unless your target audience finds you online and gets connected to you – all your efforts are futile.

    The power of top search engine rankings is enormous: from giving any website thousands of unique visitors each day, to helping it realise skyrocketing sales – all this can be realised if the rankings are great.

    So, if you've got a WordPress website and if you want to drive your store to Google’s or Yahoo’s first page, then going for WordPress SEO services to maximise your website traffic and increase your sales becomes important.

    Challenges involved in promoting your WordPress site on your own

    The relative ease of use that WordPress offers, is one of the reasons for the ever-growing popularity of the framework. Besides this, the built-in capabilities of WordPress and the wide availability of WordPress SEO plugins is also another reasons for this demand of WordPress sites.

    But, even though WordPress is easy to us, editing, changing and adding content to the site, keeping in mind the algorithms of search engines can be a challenge. A small coding error, and you may end up crashing your site.

    Likewise, the built-in SEO capability of WordPress isn’t enough to fetch you top ranks on search engines. You need more efforts and more strategies to be able to surpass your rivals. For this you need WordPress SEO experts and rely on their skills and strategies.

    What SEO offers to a WordPress website?

    You may be working in a highly competitive industry, and you may still be getting a number of visitors on a daily basis. However, with a good ongoing SEO campaign, you can get an effective presence on the web and significantly raise awareness among your target market.

    Hiring a competent WordPress SEO services provider will not only provide you good quality traffic, but will also bring onboard organic improvements that yield long term benefits for your site to reap.

    Think of WordPress SEO, Think of Brandconn

    Brandconn has a team of WordPress SEO specialists who come with complete understanding of the technology. Be it a website, a blog or an online store, our experts can develop a plan tailored to your search marketing requirements and goals.

    Some of the services that our WordPress SEO company offers include:

    • Setting up webmaster tools
    • Providing cleaner permalinks
    • Content body optimisation
    • Image, video, and link optimisation
    • Segmenting data into individual mediums
    • Increasing click through rates
    • Enabling user reviews and other add-ons
    • Google analytics & conversion tracking
    • Video description optimisation
    • Embedding videos to the site
    • Exchanginge backlinks with relevant websites
    • Synching your WordPress website SEO with social media sites
    • Setting up permalinks and back links
    • Creating the simplest sitemap for your website users

    Let’s work together

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Delivering consistently good results through ethical SEO practices is a challenge. It becomes even more challenging with regular Google algorithm updates. We have been able to sustain our client’s ranking through these phases.

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