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9 Content Analytic Tools Every Small Business Needs

Content Analytic Tools

We’ve all worked hard to drive traffic with rigorous content marketing efforts, and there is a great probability that many of us have bag full of tips to sell as well. But, is this enough? Are we there towards the road of improvement? Can we really drive traffic by merely relying on content marketing?

Perhaps, NOT!

A well-marketed content strategy is not worth it, if its impact is not analysed regularly. Statistics are there for a reason, and the reason is nothing else but improvement. So, if you have been consistently writing great pieces of work for your audience, it’s about time you measured the performance of your content too.

Let’s take a look at some of the must have Analytics tools that can be the Holy Grail of every content marketer out there.

Apart from helping the web freaks to shorten links and save space, is also garnering attention for its superb analytics. Use the tool to gather information on how your content is performing, not only in the past hour, but throughout the day, week or month.

Check out if your social marketing efforts are being successful or not with this useful platform and tweak your strategy as per their performance.


Want insights on which devices drive more traffic to your website? has got you covered here as well! Get detailed reports about the Total Clicks and Visitors on your posts from various devices.


Not much familiar with social media dashboards? Not to worry! Buffer is a great tool that may come in handy when it comes to getting deep into the analytics on social media posts and shares. The awesome app provides data on the number of clicks received, number of retweets done on your tweet, number of people who favorited your tweets, your most popular tweet or post of all times, and many such details that are necessary for defining and/or streamlining the content marketing and social media outreach strategies of your business.


Not only is Clicky a sought after tool for those who are looking for up to date analytics results in real time, but it is equally loved for its easy to use interface that gives detailed information like who are your visitors, when was the last time they visited, where they are from, what was their average and total time on your webpage, etc. The tool also gives heat maps, and this is done for every single visitor of yours – now this is something worth applauding about this tool!

If you depend too much on Twitter for your website, then the good news is that Clicky also offers Twitter integration, giving you the power to manage your Twitter account better with summary reports of activities by users, hashtags, links, and the like.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics – the name says it all!

When it comes to content marketing, Google Analytics gives businesses comprehensive demographic data about their audiences. This go-to platform is an ultimate choice of many marketers mainly because it’s free to use, and has a whole lot of great features to rely upon.

Whether you need information on the keywords that directed visitors to your website, or you need help to figure out the number of people who are going through the process of making a purchase, or those who are abandoning the purchase at some point, this expert platform can help you with data about all this and much more.

Google Webmaster Tools

Another masterpiece from the search engine giant, Google Webmaster Tools cannot ‘not’ be there on this list!

Google Webmaster Tools helps you to track all those keywords that have worked well for your site and helped it rank on the search engine, along with the number and quality of backlinks, and the number of indexed and broken pages.

With the right use of these insights, every business can plan actionable content marketing strategies to boost the effectiveness of the hard work that their creative and highly skilled writers are doing to reach the virtual masses.

Open Web Analytics

Another spot for analytics enthusiasts, Open Web Analytics (OWA) is an open-source tool like many of its counterparts, and is just as brilliant! You can measure the performance of virtually as many websites as you want with OWA and track views, visits, location of the visitors and all such information that is necessary for businesses to make their content marketing efforts succeed.

In addition to these, OWA can also help you find details about the click-stream of each visitor, comprising information about that particular section of the page that they are actually clicking.


Quintly is a straightforward tool that gives you just as much as you need to keep your social media and content marketing endeavors spearheading in the right direction.

With free plans, you get access to Facebook analytics for up to three Facebook pages, have stats about the common engagement metrics (likes, comments, shares, etc.) accompanied by stats on the growth rate of your followers.

By adding multiple pages, you can compare performance of all of them at a glance through graphical representations of their metrics.


Do you wish to find out the best time to tweet? Use Tweriod.

The application analyses your tweets, the responses that they have received, along with the most favorable time when your visitors are likely to be active on the site – giving you information about the time when you are most probable to reach your target audience. The free plan lets you analyse up to 1000 followers, which can be extended further with the paid premium analysis.

Quite famous for its content curation capabilities, is another trending content analytical tool that is being used by over 1.2 million businesses and individuals across the world.


With the facility to be integrated with Google Analytics, this powerful tool shares data about the type of content that your audience wants to read from you, besides helping you to measure your traffic trends, and the engagement that your posts generate.

In the constantly changing world of digital marketing, keeping up with content marketing analytics is vital for businesses around the globe. Whether you’re a small startup or an established digital marketing company, utilizing the proper tools allows you to gain valuable insights, improve your strategies, and ultimately thrive in the competitive online landscape. It would be great to discover what can give present-day content marketers a more significant advantage and increased power.

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