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  • As a business owner, you might have implemented a number of strategies and might have even tweaked your business plan to boost your products’ sales. But, is it the main cause or factor that has an impact on your revenue?

    There are times when you can’t really figure out the effect of your online reputation on your products and/or their sales. And, this is where this piece of words is going to help you.

    Your ‘Business’ & its ‘Online Reputation’

    There is no denying the fact that, just like an individual, for every business its reputation is important. A damaged online reputation can severely harm an organization. Therefore, Online Reputation Management is an area which no business should actually ignore in this day and age.

    You might overlook a single bad online review, but the substantial loss that you might have to bear owing to that bad review is difficult to be overlooked.  As a matter of fact, just one bad review can destroy a small business, and this stands particularly true in the food serving industry such as restaurants, cafés and the rest.

    Thus, it is not wrong to state that every organization’s reputation – whether big or small, can be crushed through online criticism.

    The issues of bad reputation in the virtual world may not become obvious, until they pass the tipping point that severely damages the image of a business.

    So, what is the action plan?

    Promoting Positive Content

    To negate the effect of bad reputation on the web, one can resort to positive online promotion. By posting positive content about an organization on multiple online forums, portals, social media channels, and other websites through content marketing, one can neutralize the tarnished image of a business in the cyber space. With the help of SEO best practices, one can easily push down the bad comments, reviews and content, on search engine results for a business.

    Some other important tips, that can improve the brand value of a business on the Internet, include:

    Google Page Creation

    By creating a Google page, one can easily push down negative comments and improve the ranking of a website on the major search engines.

    Facebook Page Creation

    Being on Facebook can help a business to gain more customers and interact with the existing and potential ones.

    Twitter Page Creation

    In the present day scenario, Twitter has become one of the most powerful business generation mediums. Consequently, one can post relevant information about the different products and services offered by a business and can even inform about the regular activities of a business, so that the audience gets a better idea about the business and its offerings.

    LinkedIn Company Page Creation

    LinkedIn is another indispensable means of publishing news about a company’s recent activities or about the latest launches of the company.

    YouTube Channel Creation

    The YouTube channel is a great way to show or demonstrate a particular product or service. By creating attractive presentations, videos or documentaries for a business, one can easily take the benefit of this useful mode of engaging with customers.

    Community Profile Creation

    There are several communities that one can join to represent their business in a better manner. With the help of Online Reputation Management, a company can get the facility of owning a relevant profile on such communities. Quora and Forbes are examples of such communities where businesses need to be active these days.

    Guest Blogging

    This is a great way to increase your reach online. But while doing so, don’t settle for poorly written blogs, as this can further hamper your company’s image in the web world.

    Blog Creation on Multiple Platforms

    By posting your blogs on different platforms, you get to enjoy a better audience base.

    Testimonial Page Creation

    This is an excellent practice to increase the stability of a website. With genuine feedback of the clients, a business gives a platform to its potential customers where they can get a glimpse of the quality level of its offerings.

    Ethical SEO Practices

    By adopting ethical SEO practices and preventing the use of negative link building, one can have a positive image on the web.

    Blog Comment Participation

    With blog commenting activities, a business can enjoy a better online reputation. But, for this one needs to be active and have to comment on the relevant blogs only.

    Additional Domain Name

    Another way to get rid of the poor reputation of a business is to have an additional website. Once you have another domain name to be promoted online, you can then take a break from the negative criticism that your website has been having a tough time dealing with.

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