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Quality Score Optimization Techniques

Quality Score Optimization

Google, the most famous search engine in this day and age, wants to make sure that its search results give out the most relevant and reliable content. This is where the role of quality score comes into picture.

But what does a quality score actually mean?

It is the rating of both quality as well as relevance of your PPC Advertisements and keywords placed on Google. These quality scores have an impact on the performance of your PPC advertisements, together with the cost that you pay for each click.

To understand PPC, you will need to first have a thorough understanding about Quality Score. This is because your quality scores will have a lot of impact on the cost as well as on the effectiveness of your paid search campaigns.

These quality scores depend on a large number of factors, namely-

  1. The click-through rate (CTR)
  2. The keyword relevance for each of the ad groups
  3. Landing page quality as well as relevance
  4. Your Ad text relevance
  5. Geographic performance

Calculating Quality Score

Quality Score is calculated on a rating scale of one to ten, where one means that Google or any other search engine considers the advertisement as irrelevant and ten means that the ad is considered to be extremely relevant. Usually, marketers and PPC experts optimize their advertisements so that they can attain the highest ad rankings as well as quality scores.

Mainly, three factors are weighed to calculate quality score. These are:

  • The expected CTR – This means the number of clicks that your advertisement is expected to get than the number of times it is seen. The more clicks your ad receives, the higher will be the CTR, which means your ad will be relevant to the searcher if it has a good CTR.
  • The keyword relevance – The more specific the keywords are, the more relevant your ad becomes, and you have increased chances of obtaining a better quality score.
  • Landing page experience – If people click your ad through search result pages, the immediacy and ability of finding an accurate advertisement improves the user’s landing page experience and, thus, raises your quality score.

Each of these factors receives a rating from Google ranging from “above average”, “average”, to “below average”. If all these three factors are rated by Google as average or above average, only then will you get a high-quality score – which would be highest ad rank and lowest possible cost per click. Even if one or more of these factors are below average, your ad will have higher chances of getting a low quality score.

Quality score improves ROI of your business by determining your ad rank. A high-quality score will surely improve the rank of your ad, and will lead to an increased ROI of your business, which will further reduce the cost of your business.

So, the relevance of your keyword, ad and URL plus user experience all collectively give the Quality Score.

Checking the Quality Score and its optimization

If you have never paid any attention to your quality score, then you can search for your keyword rankings by using your AdWords keywords tab. Google support page offers complete instructions regarding the same. Locate the keywords and ad campaigns that have been attributed a seven or a higher quality score, as these are ranked well and will be ranked well on the search result pages.

If your campaigns and keywords are ranked below four, then you need to pay attention towards them. In such a case, you should try to add new highly ranked keywords and break the ad campaign into smaller ones – more themed and specific Ad groups.

The new “creative takeaway” keywords are assigned a quality score of six, which can be adjusted after your campaign is run. The calculations of Google will be based on the amount of traffic that your ad will receive. Also, implementing negative keywords list can assist your ad relevance and expected CTR, which can indirectly create a positive impact on your high-quality score.

Besides all this, you should also try to replace the under performing ads, and also improve the landing page experience that your users enjoy. Try to focus on original and relevant content, ease of navigation and transparency.

Check the landing page that is associated to your advertisement and ensure that it is the right page where the searchers are finding their expected information. Try to add site links, which will help in achieving high conversion rates. There should be no broken links at all.

Ensuring that all these factors are adhered to will certainly improve the user’s experience, improve ROI and raise your quality score. Testing variations is an ideal way to check optimization and improvement in your quality score.

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