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User Behaviour and How It Has Affected SEO

User Behaviour in SEO

Search Engine Optimization has seen a lot of changes through the years. Initially it was just about on-page and off-page optimization, but in the recent years, user behavior has also become a very important facet of this technique. Leading online search engines today focus largely on user experience to provide for better search results. Due to this SEO has also evolved and now is largely based on user experience data.

Some of the ways in which user behavior has affected SEO include:

* Social Media Behavior:

With the growing popularity of social networking sites, SEO experts get a good opportunity to collect more information about their niche market. Since social networking sites contain information about preferences, likes and dislikes of people, their age, area and various other such things, companies can target them more efficiently based on their behavior patterns

* Website Designs:

This also plays a vital role, as companies need to design websites that are more user-friendly and provide ease of navigation. It is no more about posting a plethora of content on webpages but focus is more on how it is presented and how engaging it is. With smart phones being another leading medium for accessing the net, websites for such smaller screens also need to be designed.

* Local Search Results:

Search Engine Optimization has now become more attentive towards local searches, as top search engine algorithms today focus mainly on presenting results to people that are near them. This has mainly been very fruitful for small business SEO, as local companies can now catch the eye of people near them easily.

Through all this, it is clear that SEO now is mainly about connecting to people on a more personal level, rather than just presenting them a result. User behavior has thus become a key factor for the success of search engine optimization. Businesses that are looking for an online marketing agency to hire SEO expert India, need to ensure that they also focus on this aspect of the technique.

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