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Latest Ecommerce SEO Trends

Ecommerce SEO Trends

Almost every business that has an online presence can benefit from search engine optimization. But for an ecommerce website, SEO is truly a wonderful means of promoting. E-stores are websites that allow direct consumer transactions from buying, selling to everything else.  With good SEO services, not only can such a website gain high ranks on SERPS and increase traffic but also optimize its web pages for better conversion rates.

A thing about search engine optimization, that almost every digital marketer will be aware of, is that it is always evolving.  Every year brings something new to the table and new practices emerge almost on a regular basis. For digital marketers looking for success with eCommerce SEO services and best small business SEO services, it is important to keep up with all such changes. Some of the latest trends that the field has encountered lately are:

Out of the box SEO is a powerful thing today

Third party apps, widgets and tools are a great way for marketers to optimize their sites and get better results. The best part is such things need minimum work. But even though they have their benefits one must not forget the traditional means of on-page optimizations and still work on titles, tags, site structure and content for the best results.

Long form content has gained more importance

Gone are the times when the product pages of e-stores could have short descriptions. With Google preferring long form of keywords, it is a necessity for ecommerce websites to have great content along with high-quality products.

Sharing on social media is great for SEO

The popularity of social media is continuously on the rise. More and more people are using such services and online marketers have also seen a positive ROI from social media marketing. Facebook was always popular but now other platforms like Instagram and Snap Chat are also garnering good audience response. By encouraging people to share more on such social platforms an E-store can generate good visibility and spread brand awareness along with gaining inbound links and social signals (which are secondary ranking signals). People can share products, reviews and many other such things about your business which ultimately leads to better visibility across both social media and search engines

Video content is the hottest thing today and is considered better that any other type of content

Video content if on popular video sharing sites like YouTube can show up as rich media on search result pages. This type of content also has better chances to get viral.

You cannot do without mobile optimization

Smart phone users are in millions and this number is only going to increase. With Google’s introduction of mobile first index, it is not essential for companies to implement mobile friendliness to their ecommerce websites. So, if you have not yet optimized your website to be responsive on small screens then you are way behind the present scenario. Developing mobile apps is also now included in this.

Voice search and digital assistants are being more extensively used

Voice search is catching on as a widely adopted practice. eCommerce marketers can use this to their advantage by implementing voice search facility on their websites.

Local search results are soon to take center stage

It is often seen that E-commerce companies usually strategize on a national level and target a bigger audience. But incorporating a local strategy with such an approach can also go a long way in providing the best results. This helps an e-store differentiate itself from its competition and focus more on a niche market. Also, many top search engines today are more bent towards presenting location-specific results to users.

Though these might be trends that are in the spotlight now, who knows what the future is going to bring. So, for an ecommerce SEO company it is always better to stay flexible and on their toes to incorporate any new trends, because only through this can they achieve the best results.

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