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Optimizing Your Store Landing Pages For Better Local Search Marketing

Local Search Marketing

Businesses that have stores in multiple locations should know that having an effective local search strategy is very important. When it comes to a good local search presence another thing to remember is getting listings on business directories like Google My Business, Yelp and others.

While this is taken care of by many businesses one place where they falter is not having a landing page for each of their store locations. This is an essential thing and can get you better local rankings. With each location of a store highlighted you can present people with good information and regarding the location and that way stay ahead of competition.

To help you optimize your landing pages better here are a few recommendations:

  • Have a similar user experience for each of your pages along with their designs. Ensure that users can easily navigate throughout your site.
  • Remember how important mobile optimization is and thus, optimize your pages to be mobile friendly.
  • Keywords stuffing is a big no. Also remember to write content that has some value to the users and try and create unique content for each location page.
  • Have keywords at relevant areas like page titles, meta descriptions, body content, etc.
  • Have store location, address, contact information and other such things on your site along with a map.
  • Make it easy for people to find you by making use of “get directions” and other such features that are available.
  • Your sites hierarchy should be logical and well built.
  • You need users to see content that is useful for them this can include offers, events, videos and other such things.
  • You should have social media buttons on your pages.
  • Your landing pages should be included in your XML sitemap and submitted to relevant sources.

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