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Why You Should Not Just Wait Around For Mobile First Index When It Comes To SEO?

Mobile First Index

More often than not you might have heard that mobile marketing is taking over and it is essential for a business to optimize for smaller screens if it wants to do well. There has been a recent analysis that has been conducted which shed light on the mobile and desktop searches and how they are fairing.

This report noted that now 57% searches come from mobile and tablets which means that more users are now searching on smaller screens. Any business that is still not optimizing for mobile is thus, losing out on a lot of good opportunity.  Another important thing to note is that there is a difference on how sites are ranked on mobile and desktop. More than 35% times you will see that the top ranked site will be different on mobile and desktop. There has also been a significant shift that is seen to mobile first indexing. This has led many to believe that mobile first index has been rolled out already while others are still waiting for an official update.

Speculations are that this is just testing and the final roll out will happen in the near future. But it is better to be prepared than to wait for an official word.

Even though it has been stressed on time and again the importance of mobile friendly sites, are businesses still doing enough regarding this?

As seen there is a difference between mobile and desktop search results and thus, companies need to put efforts behind both rather than follow a singular approach. Many companies are still stuck on their desktop framework and find it difficult to move to mobile but if they don’t do so soon they might be losing good opportunities.

Thus, it is important to note that instead of sitting around waiting for mobile first index it is better to get to work now so that you don’t miss any opportunities.

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