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Important Ecommerce SEO Tactics For 2017

Ecommerce SEO Tactics

Search engine optimization is still a leading method of online promotions and this is one that especially proves useful for eCommerce websites. With the right eCommerce SEO services that work, an e-store can gain better visibility on Google search results and this way attract more people. In the recent times eCommerce SEO has even gone beyond this and now also includes methods to help increase conversion rates of a website. Thus, when looking for complete SEO solutions you need to hire the right SEO company. You can always look for an outsource SEO India company which is one option that many companies now go for. Offshore SEO partners help in getting high search ranks with the help of advanced SEO techniques.

All this said we also know that SEO is one of the most dynamic methods of online promotions which sees it fair share of updates and changes on a regular basis. Any e-store that wants to do well also needs to ensure that its SEO is in sync with the latest trends as this is the best way to ensure quality results. To help in this here are a few important tactics for e-store SEO in 2017 that you should know about:

  • You need to check up on what your competitors are doing, more importantly analyze their backlinks and how they are getting them. This will help you gain similar links and will even open more opportunities to get better links for your site. There are a number of great tools that are available online that help you in comprehensive competitor analysis
  • Featured snippets are another new addition to SEO which has proved to be very useful. These are basically answers to a question a user may have searched for. But on search results only snippets of this is shown and to view it fully one has to click the link. This is another thing you can optimize for
  • Local optimizations are now more important that ever an if you have this in your marketing strategy it can lead to better SEO results and even better conversions
  • User engagement and experience is a major factor for SEO success today and needs to be done well. You need to reduce the loading speed of your page ( keep it under 4- 5seconds), have quality content posted, make use of good images and even videos and provide an overall good user experience
  • Also remember that the power of social media is now more than ever and if you are doing well here you can get quality results from your e-store

These tactics though may sound simple enough but need to be followed diligently if you are looking for good ecommerce SEO results this year.

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