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AdWords Rolls Out New Interface To All Advertisers

Expect speed, upgraded visuals, more management tools.

Google has officially announced that it is rolling out its new AdWords experience to all advertisers. The new “experience” was unveiled last year, followed by a rollout over several months, from August of last year until the present. The company promised it would be available to everyone by the end of the year, and now it’s here.

The new AdWords experience promises to be faster, more intuitive, with a renewed focus on achieving business goals.

In addition to a clutter-free design and easy navigation, pages will load 20% faster so you can get your AdWords tasks done in less time.

There are many new features that are exclusive to the new interface. Features such as the “Landing Pages” page give new ways to monitor performance, and call bid adjustments give advertisers control over how often a call option appears in an ad.

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