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How To Do Guest Blogging The Correct Way

Guest Blogging
Guest blogging is an integral part of any SEO strategy. Who else can understand the value of guest blogging better than an SEO expert? It serves the purpose for both: the site owner gets fresh content for the website while the SEO gets high quality backlinks.

However, when any useful technique is discovered, spammers grow and start abusing the methods. After Google’s warning to do guest blogging just for the sake of getting spammy links, it is all the more important to do this more efficiently and effectively.

There are huge benefits to doing guest blogging the right way.

Guest Blogging For The Sake Of Getting Links Isn’t Guest Blogging

When guest blogging is done just for links, they don’t serve the audience of the site with any value.

When you are guest posting you should be looking for relevant contextual links. Don’t write while keeping the backlink in mind. Write on a niche topic and look for a good contextual linkback to link to your site. That means that the blog you want to publish your post on is in your niche. If that is not the case then you are definitely defeating yourself.

The fact that the blog is relevant really helps. It means that you should be able to speak to their audience and make at least some of them become your audience.

Writing the Post – Techniques That Really Work
1. Look For Audience Interest

Look at the previous posts that you have published. Look at the comments and reactions. Dig through their most popular posts. Look for the interests of the audience.

The most useful obsessions for our purposes are those that aren’t going away anytime soon:

Remember to look beyond the surface topics. Find the desires, goals, fears, and frustrations that lie beneath them.

2. Construct the Post

Devote some time in planning the structure of the content. Dive in and write your bullet points – the main points that you want to cover in your blog post. After you have done the initial homework, develop the story.

3. Create A Killer Headline

Killer headlines get more clicks. A great title will seal the deal. A great headline will tell your entire story in one bite-size portion.

4. Match The Story With The Headline

Answer the headline with the story. Don’t just create headlines to attract audience. If they do not find any relevance in the story, that will do you more harm.

6. Website Owners Do Not Pitch

Do not pitch your audience with your blog post. Give them value. If they find worth in you, they will definitely get in touch with you when required. Of course you should leave a reference and contact info for your readers to get back to you.

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