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The Change In YouTube Rules Regarding Videos With External Links

YouTube Updates

External links are the links that are added to videos in the form of end cards. However, YouTube is now adding restrictions on which accounts are able to add external links at the end of their videos. Now not any and every account will be allowed to add these links. There are requirements that every account needs to meet in order to be able to use end cards.

Let’s see the new requirements for using end cards:
  • It will be mandatory to join the YouTube Partner Program
  • Your channel must have 10,000 total public views or more

The channel has been abused by many spammers and these requirements are being put in place to prevent abuse of end cards.

End card is a screen which when added to the video directs the viewer toward clicking a link. This is an effective way to drive traffic to a website.

YouTubers tend to use end cards to point viewers towards things like crowd funding campaigns, Patreon, and merchandise stores.

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