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YouTube VS Other Video Hosting Sites


Hosting videos and creating channels of various hosting sites is one of the potential activities that is included in almost every SEO plan. However, the big question is to host the videos on YouTube or on another platform like Vimeo.

While the choice is totally subjective, here are my views.

Benefits of Hosting Videos on YouTube

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the U.S. after Google and is the fastest growing search engine among people under the age of 25. Most people search on YouTube to get an insight of new products and services along with reviews etc.

Apart from the above, there are certain additional benefits of hosting videos on YouTube. They are:

1. Simple to set up an account and handle the video uploading process.

2. YouTube provides a brand channel with just 50 subscribers.

3. It’s fast, both for the main platform and the embedded videos.

Benefits of Hosting Videos on Other Platforms

Videos created on other platforms (e.g., Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.) provide higher quality than YouTube standards. They provide you with more control, to embed links to other content, or to include a call to action.

Which Video Hosting Type is Best for SEO?

If you’re creating heavily branded content, you may want to create that in a non-YouTube format and host it yourself on your site. Moreover, if you are interested in getting backlinks and site worth via videos than host on YouTube. A direct link to your site would be more beneficial to SEO.

However, hosting yourself means you have to deal with issues of bandwidth and speed.

YouTube hosted videos (even embedded in your own pages) are always going to be fast.

If you create an independent video and embed it on your site, who will see it? Only visitors to your website. At least with YouTube, you have an additional search engine to optimize for.

Final Recommendation

For me, YouTube is the best option at this time because it helps you not only in getting more traffic to your site, but also enables your videos to rank on top SERPs.

While this may not directly improve the SEO (although some of the videos may get ranked organically and the possibility of some indirect effect on SEO can not be ignored), it should improve the overall traffic numbers. That will hopefully lead to links.

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