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What are the Ways to Use Twitter to Increase the Search Ranking?

Twitter SEO

Optimizing your website for keywords, building links or publishing great blog posts are not the only methods to improve your website SEO. You can also use your Twitter account as well

How does Twitter improve SEO?

In order to understand how Twitter affects website and brand visibility on Google, you may search for a brand name or a website on Google. You will see the Twitter stream of that particular brand pop up on the main page of search results showing the latest tweets from that page.

You can also try searching for a hashtag on Google to discover content on social media. If you are looking for new ways to improve your website SEO, Twitter is the platform where you should start your campaign.

There are many other SEO benefits to using Twitter to promote your website even if your content is not indexed by Google. For example, you can build social signals toward your website and blog posts.

Most of the SEO experts agree that the number of social shares referring to a link increase it’s value and influences higher ranking on Google. This means that the more shares you get on Twitter and Facebook, the more likely it will be to increase your website search rankings.

You can use Twitter as a tool to boost SEO in many other ways such as:-

By automatically sharing your blog posts – Twitter now boasts of having above 330 million monthly active users. You have a chance to reach this big audience through your brand or business Twitter account.

When you are managing a website and a blog, it can be tough to find the time to tweet about your website throughout the day. But there are tools you can use to automate your Twitter sharing.

By re-sharing your evergreen content – Tweeting your blog post links once is not enough to generate social signals toward your website. Therefore, you need to consistently generate more shares for your blog posts and pages. You can do so by planning tweets to be published every day throughout the month.

You need to be consistent and keep promoting – Each and every marketing strategy requires an investment. You need to invest in it as much as you can, to improve your website search rankings. Increased number of shares means more awareness for your brand and better website SEO. You need to keep sharing your website and blog post links on Twitter consistently to achieve the best results.


Twitter is an absolutely massive social network. The more exposure your posts get, the higher your search engine rankings will be. It needs to be used in the right way to enhance your search engine rankings.

You may start out by promoting your account, your tweets, and your tags. You can use targeted keywords on Twitter just like you do on your web pages and blog content.

You need to be sure to use relevant hashtags and research a trending tag before you tweet something that contains it. Also, add images and video to your tweets to increase engagement. You must share links back to your website to direct and drive traffic.

You should not forget to engage with followers as often as possible. You need to do some influencer outreach to get your name out there.

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