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Law firm Marketing strategies in 2020 to Gain More Clients

Marketing Strategy

Each and every sector or industry is experiencing intense and heated competition among companies and this competition is mainly there to lead the niche. Something very similar is going on in the legal and law making industry and this has forced law firms to contact companies offering specialist legal firm marketing services. The best thing about these companies engaged in offering these services is that they are all known for using the most advanced and trending strategies to deliver results to their clients. Here in this post, we take a quick look at some steps that these agencies take in the context of online marketing for law firms.

Include Strong Calls-to-Action on Your Legal Website

  • The first and perhaps the most influential step that these legal marketing services professionals do is including a CTA or Call-To-Action button on almost all pages that define the services offered by that law firm.
  • This Calls-To-Action button is added with the goal of letting people know what you want them to do once they are on the website or after they have gone through the detail of their services.
  • Experts believe that the presence of CTA button eliminates the guess work for your visitors, and can improve your conversion rate optimization.

Use FAQ Pages As Much As Possible

  • The experts that offer online marketing for law firms believe that only you are a lawyer and not your audience and with this thought in mind, they ensure that every information that common man needs is present on the FAQ page.
  • As an answer to the Frequently Asked Questions, they make sure that they render every possible information to the visitors.
  • Not to mention that at the end of the last answer, there should be a strong CTA message along with CTA button to allow visitors to contact the law firm, right from there only.

Start Blogging

  • Another very important step taken in terms of legal firm marketing is blogging because in the past some years, blogs have emerged as a powerful SEO as well as ORM tool.
  • These blogs should contain all the information about the company, its services, the sector to which it belongs, the industry, its latest happenings and so on.
  • The content and the topics should be chosen carefully to make sure that the readers stay attracted towards the blog.
  • One more point about blogging that deserves a mention here is that the links of every blog written can be shared easily through social media platforms and RSS and this way, the traffic on the website can be increased.
  • Of course, the law firm website design will play a crucial role in keeping the clients stuck there and go through the website and CTA button as well and this is another thing that these experts will work upon.

Boost Your Law Firm’s Online Reputation with Social Media

  • This is an era of social media and as a law firm you need to understand that leveraging the competition without using social media is not possible at all.
  • A numerous platforms have surfaced in the past some years to help you build your brand, reach more visitors and establish yourself firmly among the competitors.
  • Several researches done in the context of using “social media for law firm’s marketing” have revealed the fact that this was, is and would remain a highly effective strategy for years to come.
  • Sharing valuable information is one thing you can do on these platforms followed by responding and communicating with your visitors.
  • These steps will help you build a better relationship with your clients and become even more prevalent in search results.

Writing Law Firm’s Press Releases

  • The past some years have witnessed how press releases have slowly changed into an effective marketing tool and this is another thing that law firms should focus on to drive more traffic towards the website.
  • Writing press releases is easy provided that you hire a freelancer holding specialisation in drafting press releases, but make sure that they include the complete contact information of your law firm.
  • While writing these PRs, seasonality is another very important thing to focus upon because this way, it would become very easy to attract more audience towards the PR.

Never Under Estimate the Value of Content Marketing

  • Content marketing is something that has always remained an under-estimated thing, but the fact is that it has a huge potential, provided that it is used strategically.
  • High quality content devised in an attractive manner has a huge role to play in sharing crucial information with the audience and driving them towards the CTA button.
  • However, you need to make sure that the content appears in the main sections of your website and to maintain the quality, it’s always a better idea to hire a professional content writer.
  • He should be the specialist in creating content that answers your clients’ questions, writing blog posts, eBooks, email courses, Whitepapers, and more.

Track Progress with Analytics and Intelligence Tools

  • Analytics and intelligence tools have a huge role to play in ensuring that you are going on the right track and they can also be used in the benefit of a business.
  • They can be very helpful in fetching data about the ranking of pages, the performance of blog posts and where and how your email campaign is performing.
  • The information gathered through these tools can help you determine where you stand at present and what additional steps are to be taken to lead the competition and achieve a better spot in search engine results.

Once all these steps are taken, you will see an unprecedented increase in the amount of traffic that your website will receive. However, experts say that this is not the end as a number of other steps are there to be taken in terms of online marketing for law firms and the most common is building your  Local Presence. This could be followed by steps like optimizing your content with targeted local & practice area keywords, submitting the website to law and local directories, getting a mobile website built, and enlisting the services of an online reputation management company in India to maintain and enhance your digital image.


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