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How to resolve “Specified File Failed Upload Test” error message in WordPress

Specified File Failed Upload Test

There are instances when we upload any image using media library or upload any featured image from product gallery image we get “Specified file failed upload test” error in WordPress.

If you are also experiencing this issue, then it is highly advised to follow the below listed steps that will help you resolve the images uploaded error “Specified file failed upload test

Step-1. You have to check WordPress and plugin update under the website WordPress dashboard- if there are any updates related to WordPress version or plugin, then first you have to take full backup and then after you can update your WordPress website version and all plugins.

Step -2 You need to change the file permission by website cpanel, then you need to set the “Upload folder” file permission under the /wp-content/upload to “777”

Step-3  The next step involves checking the “file uploads” setting.

You have to login cpanel and go to “software” section under the website cpanel now you have to click on “MultiPHP INI Editors” option.

Step-4 We have to click on “Editor Mode” and select website name which website php.ini setting you need to update and set “file uploads = On” in php.ini. and save the settings.

Step-5  In the last step you have to change or update the server PHP version.

Select the domain name under the domain list and choose latest PHP version under the PHP version list if it doesn’t work, then you have to downgrade the PHP version under “PHP 7.0” and try to check by uploading the image.

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