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Google Ads Soon Going to Pause Low-Activity Keyword

Google Ads To Automatically Pause Low-Activity Keywords

Google Ads will incorporate a significant change to its platform that will significantly impact advertisers worldwide. In June 2024, Google Ads will pause low-activity keywords. 

Google is emailing advertisers to signal them it will soon start automatically pausing low-activity keywords. 

Per the email, positive keywords in search ad campaigns will be counted as low-activity if they have not crafted impressions within a year.

This step is taken to help advertisers simplify their accounts and concentrate on keywords that bring traffic and results.

Google's Email to Advertisers

Google ads pause low activity keywords

In an email sent to advertisers, Google states:

The email described “low-activity” as keywords created over 13 months back that had left zero or no impressions.

Thought Behind the Change

Google demonstrated the reason behind this step:

“We want to help advertisers simplify their accounts and focus on keywords that drive results.”

Advertiser Options and Recommendations

You can unpause automatically paused keywords because Google suggests only unpausing keywords that will get impressions in the upcoming weeks.

Unpaused keywords will get paused again if they don’t create any impressions within the next three months.

Google Email States:

“If you decide a paused keyword is necessary for your campaign, you can unpause it. However, we strongly recommend that you only unpause keywords that you believe will receive impressions in the coming weeks. Unpaused keywords will be automatically paused again if they don’t receive any impressions over the next three months.”

Why SEJ Cares

By pausing low-activity keywords, Google aims to clean advertiser accounts and adopt a more focused approach to exceptionally-performing keywords.

However, a few advertisers value keeping low-activity keywords for different reasons, such as generating long-tail searches or synchronizing with specific marketing objectives.

How Is It Relevant To Advertisers?

This change encourages advertisers to revisit and improve their keyword strategies.

By automatically setting Google Ads to low-activity keywords, advertisers must proactively find and prioritize high-performing keywords.

This might involve revising campaign agendas, adjusting bidding strategies, and ensuring that keyword lists are upgraded and relevant.

Use this information to review keyword strategies and consider modified and valuable keywords.


Google Ads’ automatic keyword pausing strategy is a step toward more effective advertising. We can explore the changing digital landscape using proactive keyword management, strategic unpausing, and robust tools like Google Ads Keyword Planner and Google Analytics.

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