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Do you have to be Pushy to get keyword rankings?

Pushy to get keyword rankings

As an SEO expert agency we come across several clients that want to be pushed to the Google ranking as soon as tomorrow. This triggers a healthy debate in the studio (often between account managers and SEO specialists) as if what is the right level of aggressiveness that should be planned for a client who want to get pushy with the keyword rankings.

There are arguments in favour and against. As I often argue “can nine women put together have a baby in one month?” But then Google ranking is not that organic process. is it? You heard it right – All those so called black hat techniques.

Yes, you have to be loud enough to be heard.

In this connected age, being seen on the web isn’t that easy! In order to get the results you want, you need to set up a division that can actually allocate 100% of their time dedicatedly on getting the keyword rankings you wish to achieve. This becomes all the more necessary in case you have a new website and are trying to rank it higher for a popular keyword.

By being pushy, you create a platform for your business in the wide digital space. You gain better popularity and an added advantage of marketing your brand simultaneously.

So, what’s the deal? Why not be loud enough to leave an impression on your audience? After all, if being pushy means you can enjoy great rankings, traffic and everything else that SEO brings along with it, that too in a short time span, then why not be so!

No, aggressiveness doesn’t guarantee greater results or visibility.

When it comes to making an impression on your online audience, you don’t necessarily have to be everywhere! Following a natural internet marketing strategy, instead of an aggressive one might bring in results slowly, but they will be long lasting for sure.

Let’s say when you have to leverage a set of specific keywords in the content, you should not use them to the point of sounding like a robot.

Activities like keyword stuffing, aggressive marketing campaigns, and the like, yield no long term results, leading to wasted efforts and nothing else. Therefore, sticking to a rather natural approach is something that you actually need, in place of resorting to pushiness.

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