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Google’s Top Ranking Factors for 2015 – Your SEO Holy Grail

Google’s Top Ranking Factors for 2015

The secret to beat competitors while you strive hard to top the chart of Google rankings is out!

Don’t believe us?

Well, you got to do that, simply because – with the efforts of our digital marketing specialists and the research results curated from SearchMetrics, we bring to you Google Top Ranking Factors that every webmaster needs to know.

So, stop champing at the bit and let’s just begin with the list!


Whosoever said “Content is King”, was a visionary indeed. There is nothing SEO can do without high-quality content, and with ‘relevant terms’ topping the ranking charts, it would be right to state that one thing that remains constant when it comes to achieving top most rankings is – top quality, relevant and unique content. Write high-quality content pieces to fetch Google’s attention and don’t overlook the importance of a good internal linking structure – never, ever!

Social Media

Think of it this way – you write an attractive copy, you post it on social media sites, your content goes viral, your website gains visibility, and you get Google’s love in return! It is as simple as it can get! Just focus on social media and social signals if you wish to get great rankings on Google. Which sites to show your interest in? Google, for sure, wants you to be active on Google+, with Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter in tow.


For ages now SEO and Links have developed a relationship that is difficult to break. High quality backlinks have been a comparatively long-time ranking factor for SEO and, these will continue to be so in the near future as well. However, along with paying your devotion towards the quantity of the backlinks, put emphasis on their quality too. Link your website’s content to authority websites if you wish to get higher ranks in Google’s SERPs.

On-Page SEO Factors

Site load speed, good site architecture, keywords, and much more – there are various aspects that demand your undivided thoughtfulness regarding on-page SEO factors. Talk about keywords, and a balanced mix of good Title, Description, Body, H1, H2, is required. But while doing so, don’t forget that Google still detests keyword stuffing, so restrain yourself from overdoing things when it comes to SEO rankings.

Mobile Friendliness

Google has already made us all aware of the importance that mobile friendliness holds in its eyes, thanks to its Mobile Friendly Update! So, make sure your website optimises user experience for mobile so that it could attain the coveted top rankings. With easy to fill forms, smooth navigation and quick site load speed, your mobile-friendly website can surely be in the good books of Google.

All Google SEO Ranking Factors

• Relevant Terms *0.34
• Google+ *0.33
• Total Backlinks *0.31
• Facebook Shares *0.28
• Facebook Totals *0.28
• Facebook Comments *0.27
• Pinterest *0.27
• SEO Visibility of Backlinking URL *0.26
• Facebook Likes *0.25
• Twitter Tweets *0.24
• Percentage of Backlinks rel=nofollow *0.23
• Proof Terms *0.21
• New Backlinks *0.20
• Backlinks from New Domains *0.20
• Percentage of Backlinks with Keyword *0.17
• Percentage of Backlinks with Anchor=domain.tld *0.16
• Percentage of Backlinks with Stopword *0.16
• Number of Internal Links *0.16
• Keywords in Body *0.15
• HTML Length *0.14
• Text Character Length *0.13
• Word Count *0.13
• Keywords in External Links *0.11
• Sitespeed *0.11
• Keywords in External Links *0.11
• Sentence Count *0.10
• Keywords in Internal Links *0.10
• Keyword Position in Title (Characters) *0.10
• Length of URL *0.10
• Keyword Position in Title (Word) *0.10
• Number of External Links *0.08
• H2 (Sub-Title) *0.7
• Percentage of Backlinks from same Country *0.07
• Image Count *0.07
• H1 (Sub-Title) *0.05
• Description *0.05
• Video Integration *0.05
• Keyword in Title *0.02
• Keyword in H2 *0.02
• Keyword in Description *0.01
• Keyword in Description *0.01
• Flesch Readability *0.00
• URL is no Subdomain *0.00
• Title Character Length *-0.01
• Keyword in URL *-0.01
• Keyword in Domain *-0.02
• AdSense Blocks *-0.03
• Keyword in H1 *-0.03
• Adlinks *-0.03
• AdSense *-0.03
• Adlinks without AdSense *-0.03
• TF IDF *-0.06

Credit Source: SearchMetrics

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