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6 Most Popular Keyword Research Tools to Help Grow Your Business

Want great rankings on the leading search engines of today?

If so, then pick the right keywords!

Easier said than done, you may say. But, worry not, as we are here to share with you 6 most popular keyword research tools that will help grow your business – so that you stop being hard-pressed when it comes to generating effective keyword ideas!

Let’s help you work smart, and work fast.

Keyword Planner (Google AdWords)

A completely free tool, the Keyword Planner can help you find different types of keywords as per phrase, exact and broad match.

How to use it?

Log into your Google AdWords account
After logging into the account, click on the ‘Tools’ section, and choose Keyword Planner from the drop down list

Given below is a brief demonstration of how can you use this simply amazing tool.


WordStream offers a Free Keyword Tool which makes it easier for you to get plenty of free keyword suggestions and it also has over 1 trillion long tail keywords. Besides this, it is a great resource to find negative keywords which are very important for your PPC campaigns.


Übersuggest is a completely free keyword suggestion tool, which works just like Google search by collecting data with the help of auto-suggestions. For example, when you type “SEO” in Google search box, then it automatically shows some suggestions such as SEO services, SEO keywords, SEO tools, SEO tips, SEO meta keywords, SEO analyser, and the like. Similarly, Übersuggest also gives suggestions for keywords, by taking your base term and adding a letter or a digit in front of it. It collects all search results or information for text searches on, as well as searches for images, news, shopping, video, and recipes — and it provides results in 40 different languages.

You cannot “save” keyword research projects using this tool, but you can easily copy the keyword search results into a spreadsheet and save them offline for future use.


Wordtracker, one of the longest-running keyword tools in the market, is a sure shot entry to this list. With the brilliant ‘research’ feature, the tool provides 10 alternative suggestions for your selected keyword, as well as search volume estimations based on their popularity, competition, etc.

By going for the paid service offered by Wordtracker, you will be able to save keyword research projects and drill down into related phrases (like synonyms).

Competitive Research

Are you really concerned about your competitors? Do you think too much about those keywords that drive traffic to your competitors’ websites? If so, then we bring to you information about two excellent tools that will help you better understand which organic and paid search keywords are driving traffic to your competitors’ websites. As a matter of fact, these tools can also come in handy to discover newer opportunities, and for benchmarking as well!


This keyword research software can be your next best friend if you wish to keep an eye on the keywords that are being used by your competitors. Being a subscription-based program, SEMrush requires no download, and is a boon for those who are in search of different metrics to be aware of their competition, general market as well as industry.


SpyFu is an epic search tool that enables smart search without paying any amount! Now that is a real deal breaker! With this incredible tool, you can find out what are your competitors’ most profitable keywords, PPC ads, and much more. It’s about time you surpassed your rivals with this highly competitive tool that let’s you tap into your competitors’ keyword strategies.

So, which of these tools do you use for performing keyword research?

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