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Outsourcing Can Do Much More Than Just Cut Costs

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Outsourcing jobs to offshore partners is not new. The trend has seen immense growth in the past decade as outsourcing has provided many benefits to companies along with the freedom to work on their niche without worrying about the specialists’ job.

Though the trend began largely as a cost-cutting measure, but outsourcing can do much more than that. Mostly companies hire offshore outsourcing partners to implement techniques and gain capabilities that they don’t have in-house. Sometimes they do hire some dedicated resources to strengthen capabilities they do have. Researches tell that 85% of leading companies use capability-sourcing to build strategic capabilities. Mostly they use capability-sourcing to build five strategic capabilities.

*     To hire and work with global talent:

Outsourcing has made it possible to tap global talent at affordable prices. Shortage of talent can greatly hamper the growth of any company, especially in the emerging markets. Offshore partnering has made it possible to work with a pool of global talents.

*     Helps in building a partnerships that both capture value and reduce risk:

A tightly integrated partnership ensures reduced risks and enhanced value for both the partners.

*     To grab opportunities in the new local market:

It is globally accepted truth that the early bird gets the worm. Offshore partnership allows companies seize opportunities in the local business market before their competitors. As new markets emerge, companies have their outsourced team ready and handy to establish the new business in no time.

*     To disrupt traditional business models:

And the golden rule of outsourcing; it helps companies grow by focusing on their own niche while outsourcing their other needs to experts. This enables them to become a leader in their respective fields without worrying about the areas that they are not very good at.

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