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6 Ways to Improve Conversion Rate of Your WooCommerce Store

Conversion Rate Optimization

The homepage is the most important page of any website. It is the doorway to your online entity and when it happens to be an ecommerce store, it is the main entrance to your store. Of course, when an ecommerce website is optimised for search engines, the users can land on any of the product page based upon the search term. But most of the time users remember the domain name or in some cases if they see an advertisement or search for your company name they’re going to land on your homepage.

So it is important to design such a website which can convert users on the homepage itself!  Woocommerce has gained a lot of popularity lately among ecommerce store owners due to its flexible structure and the features it offers.

Here are six ways your woocommerce store can cause users to convert on the homepage of your eCommerce store:

1. Make it Emotional

Always consider the needs of the customer before finalising the deisgn of your website. All the pages of the site must speak to the targeted potential customers on an emotional level.

You can use imagery and connect with them with the help of compelling content. Take the help of Google Analytics and heatmaps to analyse data regarding user intent, behaviour to improve your website further.

Crazy Egg is a great tool to analyse your e-store and see where your users are clicking.

2. Personalize It

Personalisation and connecting with your customers at personal level definitely matters. Researches have shown that websites that have with personalized content get upto 7.8% of sales. Websites like Amazon uses this technique and enjoys a conversion rate of 13%. So, how can you personalize your Woocommerce store? Very simple. Use tools like WooCommerce’s Recommendation Engine and configure Amazon style product suggestions for your customers.

This plugin automatically recommends products to users based on their view history, purchase history and products that are frequently purchased together.

3. Make it Searchable

On site search feature is a very important feature for the success of any ecommerce store. A prominent search feature can do wonders to increase the conversion rate of your Woocommerce store. You may use WooCommerce’s popular search extension to enhance the on-site search on your store.

4. Add a Popup

Popups are very effective means for increasing the email marketing subscription of your e-store. You may add a popup and reward your new subscribers with a discount or coupon code to use on their first purchase. You may use the popular Splash Popup for WooCommerce.

5. A/B Test Products

Your homepage has limited space and can accommodate only a limited number of products. With limited real estate on your homepage, it is always a good idea to use A/B testing method to determine which products to display on your homepage and which ones on the inner pages of your WooCommerce site.

You may set up your AB tests with Google Content Experiments

6. Woocommerce Store Optimization

Once ready, your eCommerce store should be accessible to your potential customers to get you business. One very effective and affordable method is to implement SEO. By optimising your e-store for organic search, you ensure increased visibility and online presence for your store. You may hire experts for Woocommerce SEO services. There are many SEO expert India professionals who are well versed in the knowhow of optimizing your website for search engines. By ranking on the top SERPs, you can be sure of getting increased business from your Woocommerce store.

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