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7 Features To Be Found In The New AdWords Interface

New AdWords Interface

New AdWords Interface comes with some really exciting and exclusive features. Google has been rolling out this new interface steadily to more and more advertisers over the past year and now the search giant has made it clear that it will be available to everyone by year-end. Users who have access to the new interface can still navigate back and forth between the two interfaces.

Here are the exclusive features that can be found in this new interface:

Promotion extensions

Promotion extension allows the user to display and link to a specific offer in text ads. There is a tag icon available in this extension that helps it stand out on the page.

Household income targeting in search

In the Demographics tab a new feature called Household income reporting and targeting is available. What is different in this version is that the feature is now available for search campaigns as well as opposed to the old interface where it could only be applied via location targeting.

Audiences page

A new Audiences page offering a single place to manage audience targeting and optimizations is now available.

Upcoming Features …

There are several new features in the works that will be rolling out to the new interface over the next few months.

Landing page performance

A new feature will be available to advertisers soon where they will be able to get insights on their various landing pages in one place. This change has been brought to help advertisers in optimizing their campaigns in a better manner and for better user experiences to improve the ad performance especially on mobile devices.

Custom in-market audiences

In-market audiences are also in the pipeline to join the Search campaigns. Google has also decided on launching custom in-market audiences. These will have the flexibility to be customized based on the advertiser’s website, campaign performance and business goals.

Google attribution

The new free attribution product will be integrated into the new interface.

Store sales measurement uploads

Retailers that capture loyalty program emails at the point of sale will be able to import store transactions into AdWords directly or through a third party. Though the exact timing of rolling out of this feature is still unknown, however, it is being anticipated to be launched sometime this year.

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