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Travel SEO Tactics You Should Look Into

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Every business today aims at achieving those high ranks on Google search results or at least maintain them if they have the honor of attaining them in the first place. With the high competition in the travel industry, it has become important to have an effective and strong SEO strategy in place.

When travel businesses go in for organic optimizations their main aim is to present relevant content in regards to various travel search items so that they can climb those ranks. In the race to the top, small travel businesses often get left behind and this is mostly attributed to the fact that there are many big travel agencies already present along with a plethora of hotels.  While it is a difficult task to beat the big guns of the travel industry on search results, a small business can do well for itself with few great travel SEO tips.

These include:

Local SEO and Map SEO

A travel industry is built around locations and this is why local SEO is something very important. Google has in recent times turned its attention to local search results and especially when it comes to small travel companies this is a useful thing and with the right optimizations they have a chance to appear. Any business that wants to gain visibility on local search results of Google also needs to have been reviewed on big travel names like TripAdvisor. This tactic is very useful for SEO of smaller travel businesses or relatively new ones.

Map SEO is about going beyond Google and trying to be included on maps that are produced in countries which they are of.

Multilingual SEO

It is a wrong assumption that almost every person speaks or understands English, there are many business sites online that have a multilingual platform or use another language and it has worked quiet well for them. Similarly, a travel business, if unable to compete with competitors in English can make use of a local language to beat them on local search engines or results.

Image and Video SEO

An image will attract a person more rather than text. Thus, make use of great images for your destinations and hotels or accommodation options to get best out of travel SEO services. Images are great at grabbing the attention of people and are easier to rank on Google image searches.  Image SEO is thus, something to look into. Similarly, videos are another great form of content and are likely to rank higher. These can also be included in SEO using sites like YouTube.

News SEO

Travel plans can be pre-planned or spontaneous and when the latter happens you need to be visible so that people avail your services. A person looking at the news online might see a travel ad pop up and maybe decide to travel, so a business can also look to have articles based on recent events posted online so that news can be made available with a hint of travel promotions. Travel SEO experts can make use of these tactics to rank better on search engines.


Staying ahead of the competition is essential in the travel industry, and partnering with an SEO company in India can make a significant difference. Effective travel SEO tactics can boost your online visibility, attract more travellers, and ultimately grow your business. From optimizing for local searches to creating engaging travel content and leveraging the power of social media, a reliable SEO partner in India like Brandconn Digital can help you navigate the ever-changing digital marketing landscape. Our team specializes in customizing strategies that will unlock the full potential of your travel business and ensure success in this competitive industry.

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