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Get better Sales With The Use Of Content And Social Marketing

Social Marketing

It is a fact that every company that makes use of online marketing does so to generate better sales from its website. Brand visibility, more website traffic and leads are just part of this and these prove useless if a website does not see any conversions.

Many marketers today will know that content marketing can improve revenue, but another great method is to use your content for social selling. Social selling in a nutshell is using top social media platforms to sell your products.

The concept of social selling needs marketers to provide people with quality content that is useful for them and answer their questions. It is basically socializing more with your target audience and hoping that they convert. This type of selling works best only when your audience responds to your efforts. The initials steps are comments or reply to your posts followed by reply to your emails or answering your calls.

When looking to use your content marketing to get better sales on social media you can follow certain steps like:

*     Create articles and blogs that are mainly based on questions that users want to know about your products or services. This way you will have a ready database from which you can pick up the right answers for when people ask questions on social media. You can even share these articles on social media but a better option is to use them to answer questions and engage people.

*     Content that mainly gives answer to questions, FAQ’s, how to and explanations on usages and benefits is the best for your social media. You can even make use of video content and conduct webinars. Along with this another great content that works is one that is in sync with the recent news or gives some new or surprising information.

These are just some ways in which to use and share your content on social media but once you generate traffic there are certain steps to follow that can help in conversions:

*     You need to enhance your Google Analytics to help improve your social selling. For this you can install Leadfeeder. This tool can show you the place from where your website visitors are visiting your page from. It makes use of their IP address to find them and can help you see which companies they work for or even from which locality they have search from. There is a lot more information this tool can give which can help you present relevant content to visitors and hope for better conversions.

*     Your content should have calls to action along with useful information. You can offer users e-books, cheats, checklists and other such things in return for their contact information like emails. But try not to be over pushy and make use of intelligent call to action options.

*     Lastly once you have email addresses you can reach out to people and maybe lead them to your sales page on your website. But here also try to keep it simple and don’t be over bearing.

Social selling is a great new way to help companies get better sale results and when you combine it with your content marketing then it makes a more powerful tool.

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