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Technical SEO Essentials You Can’t Overlook

SEO Essentials

While using a content strategy and SEO together has become the latest method of promotions for many businesses. Technical SEO aspects are still something that cannot be neglected.  The better you are technically the easier it is for users to find your website and navigate through it to find what they need. This also has an impact on how your business ranks, traffic and can even lead to better conversion rates.

Thus, here are some technical SEO essentials that you should not overlook:

  • Have an easy to access site: It is important to ensure that a website is easily and completely accessible to not just the users but even search engine spiders. Any company should ensure that important information on its site is easy available. Error messages, broken links, failed page loading can have a negative impact and lead to users turning away. It is also necessary to ensure good performance on mobile screens as this is where most of the traffic comes from today. Google have also made the switch to mobile first indexing. Overall present a good user experience
  • Site navigation is another thing to be mindful off. Have a structure that allows users to easily get from one place to another on your website without wasting too much time or facing difficulty. Sites now have also started building websites using a taxonomy hierarchy. How pages link to each other is also a big consideration and needs to be checked.
  • Using a schema markup you can provide more comprehensive information about what you offer to search engines. This helps you give prompt answers to search engine queries as well.
  • Close attention needs to be paid to markup and tags used on your page as you become more technical. If you have content in multiple languages or different versions of your site then tags and markups should be relevant.
  • Have the right keywords on your pages along with quality content that is specific to user intent. Use tools to conduct keyword research, use keywords in a natural way and have keywords placed intelligently on your site at relevant places.

These few things can help you improve your technical SEO, thus having a positive effect on your overall campaign. We, as an offshore outsource SEO firm, believe in providing superior services following ethical SEO methods. With a proven track record of over a decade and a pool of SEO expert India professionals, we have worked with numerous companies across the globe. If you are also looking for the best outsourced SEO company in India, let us know, and we will get in touch with you with all the details.

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