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SEO Tips – Targeting Multiple Cities And Not Hindering Your Overall SEO

Multilingual SEO Optimisation

Over the years user intent has become a main feature of SEO. Top search engine, Google is especially more focused on providing users with better and more quality results.  This is why now it has become important for sites to have not just optimization in place but also content that has some value for the user. Without providing some value to its customers a business site may just land on the bad side of Google.

To ensure that sites have better quality content Google had launched the Panda update which helped penalize sites with poor content methods. This update was able to catch many sites that were using unethical content techniques. With the Panda Algorithm being so useful it became part of the main Google algorithm and now works in real time evaluating sites.

It has been seen that local companies usually create online pages based on the cities and locations that they offer services too. While this is a good way to go to attract local people, your “City pages” also need to be different from each other, otherwise the Panda Algorithm might just penalize them as well. Every pages needs to have unique content and should be able to provide some value to the users. For making your city pages better here are a few tips:

*     Instead of focusing on all your locations put more efforts behind the most important ones for you. Have pages for only essential locations and write fresh content for each page. For starters you can write about the local things about the city and what makes it a good place.

For example- If you want to sell properties in a location talk about how it is an ideal place to live or what are the reasons one should buy a property there. If you offer hotel booking and travel services talk about the best things one can do in a particular place and why they should go there.

This way you can make each page different. There are many other ways as well in which you can ensure that your city pages do not look similar and still have some value for your customers. This will improve not just your chances of getting ranked better but also gain the trust of people.

*     Another thing to remember is that your location pages should be visible and accessible on all versions of your site be it desktop, mobile or tablet. This has become far more important with mobile first indexing taking center stage.

So remember city pages if used properly can make a positive impact on your local SEO and thus, need to be well taken care of.

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