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Travel SEO Services

SEO Service For Travel Website

Did you know that – on an average 6 out of 10 leisure travelers and 7 out of 10 business travelers look at the internet before planning their travel packages?

Are you sure your website can make to the top of search engine results when these travelers search travel websites or or agents on the web? Perhaps, you don’t want to say no, but have no other option left! So, how do you reverse the game, and be on the winning end? By leveraging the power of search engines!

Looking at the current scenario, it seems like travelers today rely on the internet more than the travel websites and agents do. Is that something to be proud of? Certainly not! While the number of travelers who consult the internet before booking a trip, keeps on soaring high – there’s still a long way that travel agents and websites need to cover when it comes to making the most of the opportunities that the online world offers them.

The internet has bridged distances and people across the world are getting more and more interested in exploring it. This means, that in order to make a difference to your business and in order to make the most of the rising opportunities that online world offers to travel agencies, you definitely need to rule the search page results. Or else, your competitors will do that.

Search Engine Optimisation, thus, needs to be a core element of any travel industry marketing plan.

If it could be that easy, everyone would have been making the most of it!

Search Engine Optimisation has definitely changed the face of the travel industry, more than that of any other industry vertical. But, it doesn’t mean that the road ahead is a smooth one. If doing SEO for travel websites and getting top results on search engines could have been that easy, then everyone would have been at the top.


Travel SEO services in itself faces serious competition. Industry leading travel sites – both big and small, as well as billions of travel agents are all fighting for the travelers’ attention on the internet. To succeed, you require extensive research, the right process, and a good understanding of customer behaviour. You need to understand how people search for travel, and what are the subtle differences that lie in their behavioral patterns when they conduct their travel related search online.

Why do you need SEO services for your travel website?

Because you need to grow. The answer is as simple as it can get. With the right implementation of advanced SEO tactics, you can read the minds of the travelers and give them what they want –relevant travel related information and assistance at the click of the mouse.


A focused and strategic approach to travel SEO tactics is the need of the hour and travel websites couldn’t thank mindful search marketing strategists enough for their skills that take them in front of their customers.


While travelers seek you, SEO guides them to reach to you. Thus, planning and executing the right SEO strategy for your tour and travel website is a win-win situation for both – you and your customers.

Brandconn’s Travel SEO Services – We know SEO for travel websites better

SEO jargons and too many technicalities driving you insane? You are not alone. Search Engine Optimisation can be more than confusing for those who know nothing else but travel. So, what do you do? Hire the travel SEO experts who know search engines and travel both, really, really well. Outsource SEO services to us and we will take care of the rest.


While there are many companies that offer travel SEO services, not all offer dedicated efforts backed by years of experience and knowledge about the travel industry. This is where Brandconn comes in.


With our focus to deliver travel websites and tour agents nothing but honest, sustainable tactics, we deliver results that can be invaluable to your business. We build travel SEO campaigns that help travel brands gain momentum on the web by engaging diverse marketing channels to their advantage.

  • Extensive industry and keyword research
  • Geo-targeted landing pages with optimised title tags and meta descriptions
  • Improved customer engagement metrics
  • Managing reviews and ratings
  • Using infographics and high quality imagery to share information
  • Optimising site for rich snippets
  • Pay Per Click advertising
  • Website optimisation for local searches
  • SEO friendly website design and development
  • Competitive intelligence analysis
  • Benefit-focused content development and marketing along with long-tail targeting
  • Travel influencer marketing targeting high authority websites and blogs
  • Internal linking to build link equity and relevance across the website
  • Analysing site performance to understand what your users want
  • Integrating multi-channel marketing to obtain long-term results
  • Lead generation through social engagement and call-to-action messaging
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