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Big Upgrades On AdWords Mobile Extensions

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2017 has been the year of AdWords where we have seen a lot of things happen. From location extensions for display to call extension bid adjustments, Google AdWords is taking all the right steps and becoming a very powerful marketing tool. Another major mobile update which AdWords has recently seen is mobile site links becoming more interactive and callouts and snippets gaining more real estate online

The story of site links:

Site links are now not just merely about a name they in fact have become more informative on the mobile platform. Users can now scroll and click on links to reach deeper parts of the site.  This means that you users have direct access to the page they want to visit and do not have to go there from the main page of a site. These links are not automated but actually part of advertising and thus created by marketers.

No longer will now there be any shortage of text space and sites can present information as site links. Both users and sites benefit from this along with Google. Even recent reports show that these new extension settings have seen more interaction from people

The “new line” for callout and snippets

Where initially one would find snippets and extensions below an ad now they are presented in-line with the ad copy. This can help increase the number of snippets and callouts that can be displayed. These were initially part of a swipable format but now they are part of the ad itself.

These are a few new updates that have been seen in AdWords. Are you looking for a reliable and affordable company for the best PPC company in India that offers the best Adwords campaign management services? Contact Brandconn Digital today, and we have a pool of experienced PPC experts in India who may help you increase your company’s ROI.

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