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Google AdWords’ New Showcase Shopping Ads

New Showcase Shopping Ads

Google Adwords has been coming of age now. Lately the search giant has rolled a number of modifications in the way Adwords works. The recent being a new shopping ad in AdWords just in time for the holiday season.

With the change in technology and searcher behaviour, Google is making changes to its Adwords to meet the new challenges.

Google revealed a brand-new ad format just for shopping campaigns – Showcase Shopping ads. Showcase Shopping ads have been designed to meet the needs of today’s mobile shoppers, while giving businesses the opportunity to sell more products.

This new ad type will allow advertisers to put together a selection of products to be showcased in the same ad.

According to a research conducted by Google, more than 40% share of shopping searches are being made with broad-match terms. Showcase Shopping ads let advertisers display a collection of products and help consumers decide what to buy.

Showcase Shopping ads recently led to 3x increase in brand searches for, and 32% more clicks resulting in a purchase.

How Do Showcase Shopping Ads Work?

Showcase shopping ads will show for broad, non-branded, commercial searches (such as “summer dresses” or “new laptops”) above the paid search ads and alongside product shopping ads at the very top of the SERP.

Like product shopping ads, showcase shopping ads will appear for search queries with commercial intent and allow advertisers to feature product images and prices directly on the SERP.

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