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Google’s Response To Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention

Google has designed a new Analytics cookie 0to keep ad tracking from Safari intact for AdWords campaigns. The process of making changes in the method of capturing data and reporting on conversions in Adwords started early this month. This is in response to Apple’s Safari update.

Apple had introduced Intelligent Tracking Prevention in June 2017 to restrict third-party trackers from capturing cross-site browsing dataIt is anticipated that its upcoming next version will have its implications for ad performance tracking for Google and others.

What is Intelligent Tracking Prevention?

With Intelligent Tracking Prevention  (ITP), the third-party cookies will only be usable for 24 hours for tracking purpose from the time of visit of a user to a website via Safari. After this period, the third-party cookies can only be used for log-in purposes.

This will have a huge implication on the way Adwords conversions are tracked.

Google’s Response

In response to meet the challenge, Google has developed a new Analytics cookie that will be used to capture campaign and conversion data from Safari in a way that conforms with ITP. Google has also sent an email to AdWords advertisers informing them about the changes it is bringing.

From Google’s email:

How does this new cookie work?

The new cookie called the _gac cookie will be used to store the ad click information when auto-tagging is enabled.

Now it is very important for advertisers to link their Adwords and Analytics campaigns as the linked accounts will see no changes. Whereas for accounts that are not linked, Google will be able to record conversion activity that occurs within the initial 24-hour period.

Now it is very important for companies providing PPC management services that they make necessary changes to their campaigns according to Google’s changes. PPC experts need to make sure that their campaigns run as smoothly as earlier.

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