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Demystifying Myth: No Top 3 Google Search Ranking Factors

Google Search Ranking Factors

It is believed greatly that there is a list of top ranking factors that help web pages to appear at high ranks of Google search engine result pages. Google’s Gary Illyes has clarified that contrary to popular belief, there are no top 3 ranking factors that apply to all content.

The top ranking factors to make it big on Google search ranks for a web page keep changing depending on the query that is used by the user to find it.

Illyes also made it clear that links are often not a ranking factor at all as a number of top results don’t have backlinks at all. To be more specific, Illyes was referring to search results for the many unique long-tail queries that are performed every day.

Google emphasises on relevance and due to this fact many new web pages that do not have any link, but are relevant to search query, make it big on SERPs.

Now this revelation by Gary Illyes makes it more important for SEO professionals to rewrk on their SEO techniques. This makes it all the more important for companies to hire a good SEO professional to work on their websites instead of handing them to inexperienced executives. They may also consider hiring a good offshore SEO partner. Most of the outsource SEO companies have expertise in handling such tasks with great precision and in a professionals manner. They also have teams of SEO experts and one may always hire a dedicated SEO expert to work on their project.

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