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SEO Is No Longer About Ranks But Rather Leads

Lead Generation
There are many that still thing that the number 1 rank on search results is the main end result for SEO. Well this in fact is not true anymore, SEO is now more about getting the right leads then just good ranks. If you still focus on those top ranks and ignore putting efforts behind customer acquisition then this is a big mistake. You need to use a different approach now for generating leads and getting those conversions.

While some may still be asking whether or not rankings matter, the answer to this is both yes and no. Ranking high is great and in no sense useless but your goal should be using this rank to get more leads and sales. You need to put efforts behind each aspect of your campaign and not just the ranks.

Some good tips to maximize SEO leads are as follows:

Improve your CTR:

The click through rate of your paid marketing has been noted to have a direct impact on conversions. While one may think this is in regards to paid marketing but it CTR is now an important thing in organic search too. It has been seen that businesses that have a good clickable title tag abed description are able to attract traffic from websites ranked about them. Maybe if you can keep this up for long you might just end up on a better rank also. Focus more on maximizing clicks than optimizing for keywords

Focus On Headline:

The more inviting and interesting your headline is the more people will want to click on it, especially your potential leads. To test your headlines you can make use of PPC ads and see which ones are garnering the best clicks within hours. For a good headline keep content type, topic, format and promise element in mind. Also remember to incorporate the emotion factor into it to get more clicks. You need to also ensure that one clicked people are taken to the right landing page.

Optimize For Conversions:

Finally once getting clicks is taken care of you need to focus on your landing pages too. Ensure that they are optimized for conversions. You need to place CTAs and important information in a proper manner to achieve this.

Ranking number 1 is still a good thing but unless you are generating leads and revenue from this there is hardly any use. So put your efforts behind the more relevant things instead of just running behind top ranks.

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