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Great Remarketing Strategies For Quarter Four Of 2017


While eCommerce websites need to market themselves throughout the year the latter part of the year brings more opportunities for them. With the holidays approaching, e-stores can make use of some great remarketing strategies to do well. These include:

  • Making use of dynamic product ads on both Facebook and Google platforms- For any e-store that has a range of products to offer it is very important to use remarketing methods with dynamic ads. Dynamic product ads need to be used time and again as they remind users of what they had seen on the previous visit, along with other related products. This is an essential thing to do.
  • Targeting your audience better- While many marketers that are using remarketing usually target people who have visited their site once or even added items to their cart but not purchased, there is much more improvement that can be done here. You can segment your audience based on how their interacted with your site and even work to develop visuals based on various types of audiences, e.g. segment people based on gender or what type of clothing they are looking at.
  • Once the previous step is in place, you can now go for sequential marketing. You first need to create segments based on audience interaction with your site, and once this is done, you can show your specific audience segments different visuals and messages. Change what they see every week, and this way, improve your chances of getting conversions.
  • Another good strategy is to segment audiences based on specific dates. Maybe you have people who visit only on holidays you can even look to remarket to them and remind them to come back during the upcoming holiday season.
  • Have a broad AdWords strategy (RLSA) – once you have segmented your audience, you need to also use this in your present search marketing campaigns. This way, you can target audiences with high intent who have a better chance to convert. You can also create campaigns with a little broad and competitive keywords and use your remarketing lists along with them.

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